What franchise made you buy a PS3?

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What franchise made you buy a PS3?

God of War 50 19.08%
Uncharted 39 14.89%
Final Fantasy 66 25.19%
Killzone 6 2.29%
Resistance 9 3.44%
Other please specify 92 35.11%

Technically I bought my PS3 to play MGS4 on release. Resident Evil 5 was the real reason though, if RE5 wasn't on PS3 I probably would have waited until PS3 were cheaper.


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Originally i bought it because FF13 was exclusive to PS3 which became Multi-platform, Nevertheless its still a MUST buy, Multi-Platform doesn't stop my anticipation of YEARS for this game
But now that so many games that has come out am glad i bought a PS3. Since Uncharted i've been so excited for Uncharted 2 and boy it exceeded my expectation. Same said for Killzone 2, my most played Multiplayer ever!

MGS4 and Gran Turismo, the others are just very welcomed bonuses!

MY HYPE LIST: 1) Gran Turismo 5; 2) Civilization V; 3) Starcraft II; 4) The Last Guardian; 5) Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Gran Turismo baby...
THE reason to own a PS3.


PS.: The thread is a fail since you haven't included the biggest Playstation franchise...

What were you thinking?

You put Killzone/Resistance and not MGS/GT?

Anyway, God of War for me.

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Even though I bought my PS3 before GOW 3 was officially announced I'm a massive fan of the franchise and knew it would stay exclusive so God of War.

Mostly Metal Gear Solid, but others like Uncharted and Final Fantasy.

LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Killzone 2.=)

It was my brand loyalty that made me buy one, the PS1 and PS2 served me well, so I had faith that the PS3 would do the same, so far it has :)

Got mine for Final Fantasy 13/versus13 and Gran Turismo 5...which I'm STILL waiting for...

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