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i didnt read what the obove posters say..

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I would suggest waiting, which is actually what I suggest with any of the new operating systems. I didn't get XP until 2004 and even then I only did because I had to to play Doom 3. But do get it eventually.

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MeowTheMouse said:
i didnt read what the obove posters say..

 na but I am actually considering waiting for Vienna in 2008.

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IllegalPaladin said:
I'd like to try it out as well, but I don't think it's worth it yet until there is an incentive to play games on it.

Anyway, my one experience with Vista was trying to figure out how to change the network options for a girl's laptop. . . Sounds easy, but everything was in Korean, lol.
I agree...and it isn't looking too good for Vista due to the fact that nearly every single DX10 game plays worse than running the same game in DX9 mode.  It looks at the moment like DX10 is just a gimmick to dupe people into buying a rushed, below subpar OS.


My brother just got a new lap top computer which I am on now and it came with Vista. It is much better than I expected and no problems so far. The lap top also has an HD DVD drive which is nice.

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Personally, I am happy with my Vista. It is not substantially better than XP but it's no worse. I am running Half-Life 2 without any problems on my HD 2600 XT.

If you buy Vista Ultimate, you get both 32-bit and 64-bit. I don't think Vista is going to die yet. XP didn't really take off up until SP1 was released. Also, I doubt that Windows 7 will be released anytime soon. MS is rewriting the whole Kernel so that got to take a long time.

As mentioned above, 32-bit (in XP or Vista) is the way to go. However, you will be limited to 3.12GB of memory. 64-bit drivers aren't ready yet so it is a big problem. It might take a year or so to get its act together.


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I used to run 64bit vista. Vista looks cool, but i dont think its worth it, i switched back to XP. There are quite a few compatability issues with it, but most programs work fine. The only programs which i ahd problems with were the Sims2 and Nero, but i know that in later versions of Nero they ironed out the problems.

Ram wise... it took up a lot. I found that when my system was idle Vista was using at elast 40% (i think) of my 2GB of ram, which is significantly more than with xp. Also, there is quite a difference in performance game wise. When i played WoW, on xp the average frame rate was 75 fps on full grfx, while on vista it hovered around the 40-50 fps a lot. Its not bad, but its still a significant drop imo.

My recommendation about graphics cards, do not buy one yet. The current range of Nvidia gfx cards were released ages back, months ago in fact. The reason why reviewers have been saying that games like crysis are better being played in Dx9 is because a gfx card which is 6 months old just wont cut it with a game as advanced as Crysis. Theres no point in buying a Directx10 card (imo) now as it will struggle with directx10 games; there arent many out right now, and theyre already struggling with the games that do support it.

Also, Crysis does support 64bit vista well, tests showed that when run in 64bit it had a higher frame rate then the 32bit version. Still, dont get xp 64bit, ive heard its balls.

My Recommendation:
Dont buy Vista, at least not yet. If you really wanna get into Dx10 gaming, in which case u will need vista, i recommend that you wait until the next range of graphics cards are relased, which will cope much much better with games like crysis in Dx10, as, whats the point in having a dx10 card if u cant see those lovely graphics? :P


Wait for at least the second service pack. I just finished reading an article where a group benchmarked the XP SP3 to Vista SP1 and the XP build was dramatically faster. MS's response was that Vista's SP1 was still in Beta and will significantly change.

Basically from day one XP has been a more sturdy and faster build than Vista. This is the reason why I haven't built a new PC yet. I am waiting on Vista SP2. By then the biggest issues will all be handled and the 64bit will be able to work with nearly all hardware.

CrashMan said:
llewdebkram said:
Only if you have a teraflop of ram!!

only joking.....2 teraflops!!

only joking again....2gb+

RAM doesn't do floating point operations, I think you mean teraBYTEs.

 I have vista and from a general operational standpoint I like it (with UAC disabled.)


I have a GeForce Go 7800 and Nvidia is terrible with vista driver support and have been having some suffering game experiences because of it.  Check around other forums about the card you are getting and see what people are saying about any driver issues first.

Yep, different GeForce Go card but same issue.  Fable won't run on Vista due to driver support issues.  I'm partitioning my drive and installing XP for Fable and cause I'm sick of Vista but want to leave it on for all the stuff that came with the laptop.  At this point there's just no compelling reason to use Vista and lots not to.


Oh BTW, I decided to keep XP Pro for some time.

I had the chance to check Vista with my sister's laptop. It was years ago since I last saw a BSOD :P