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Hello there forum, I open this thread because in the next few months it's likely that I buy a Direct3D 10 video card, maybe a 8800GTS (the new ones) or a HD3870 (I'm a cheap, but it has D3D 10.1), so it's likely that I buy Windows Vista... a legit one (*dramatic song*)

I've seen some people here with Vista, so I have some quick questions to ask them... or to anyone that knows:

64-bit or 32-bit: As a gamer, what's better for me? I really don't know if newer games like Crysis have optimizations for 64-bit CPUs, so it is any better if I pick up 64-bit over 32-bit version? This one leads to the next one...

Software availability: How good is software on 64-bit? And on Vista on a general basis? For example, Diskeeper, I know it has a x64 version on XP, but it is compatible with Vista? Same thing for backup programs like Nero, MagicISO or DaemonTools. I remember back in the day when x64 was introduced, there was slim to none support for backup software like the ones I mentioned. Has that changed? And again, this one leads to the next...

Performance for old games: On pre-Vista/x64-era games, how much performance you lose? I know that you DO lose performance, but it is worth it?

eBay: If I'm buying a legit version, at least I won't pay loads of money for it. So it's likely that I buy it from eBay. I know the place is known for getting everything pirate, but it has the best prices I can find. For example this one. Is it any worse if it's OEM? Anyone has experience buying PC software from eBay?

I'm a total n00b for Vista... XP has been working very good so far. Any help on this matters would be very appreciated ^_^u

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32 bit ftw. 64 bit has lots of problems with drivers and some programs. OEM is the same as a boxed up version just with out the box. OEM is what pc makers include with a new pc. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832116202 save a few bucks from newegg

download it, if you like it, buy it, if you don't , turn it back to xp

also, get a 8800gt, do not get a gts or a 3870

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8800 GT FTW. Also, I'm running 64-bit Vista and haven't had any problems. The only games you lose performance on are really old ones, because the 64-bit drivers are optimized to run newer games, not older ones. Even with the performance hit on old games, they'll run so fast anyway that you won't care.

Any 64-bit program that runs on XP should run on Vista. The only programs you lose compatibility with are 16-bit programs from the Windows 3.1 era (and some early Windows 95/98 programs).

In before the onslaught of Vista haters...

I don't really know the technical specs...but as the computer I bought from a friend has Vista, which he got for next-to-nothing...I just kept it on there.

Since then, I wanted to switch back to XP, but I can't find my XP disc...I have a key lying around though, so really I just need to download an .iso.

The Aero interface is cool, and there are new user features like program volumes, and voice recognition that's kinda cool...but I've had some game bugs that most likely are a result of Vista.

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Fazz, Vista is not offering anything good right now to the gamer...

The only one thing that makes Vista bearable is Crysis, and even the 8800 GTX struggles with the Very High Settings...

By me:

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HD3870 gives nearly equal performance to 8800GTS 320MB and 10% less than 8800GT, but is much cheaper and uses less power, plus 8800GT is permanently sold out.

x86 over AMD64 because the 0-2% performance gain in most applications is overwhelmingly offset by the compatibility issues.

XP over Vista. Actually, Linux-for-office-and-internet-tasks + XP-for-games over Vista.

OEM means you can't install it on any other PCs ever and it becomes invalid if you change two components of the PC over time.

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If you are interested in trying Ubuntu or Linux in general, PM me and I will answer your questions and help you install it if you wish.

Fazz, Vista is something that is best avoided at the moment. Like FJ says, it doesn't offer any compelling advantages while bringing in a whole truckload of disadvantages.

Everything just runs better in XP, especially games. The video drivers still don't work as well as XP's, and memory usage is still through the roof (by comparison, idling in Vista always uses 40% or more of my RAM, while idling in my primary OS using fluxbox uses 5%.  I think XP uses 25-30%).

The only reason I have Vista is because I..um...got it for a bargain price *cough**cough*.

8800GT is a great card and it will run very nicely under WinXP, but you can't go wrong dual booting it with Vista64, this way if there are any important apps that simply won't work on Vista64 you can go back to XP, or you can just use Vista64 for DX10 games.

I know Crytek claim that the 64bit version runs the best, but I have no idea where I read it (maybe gamespot?) so I can't link it

XP/vista32 can only see 3GB of Ram but Vista64 can see 4GB and above, even though few programs require more then 2GB, it's only a matter of time till 3GB is no longer enough.

Even though you'll lose nothing by dual booting it I find it hard to recommend Vista as your main Gaming OS, as games do tend to run slower under it- how much slower depends on the game, hopefully as new drivers for graphic cards and Patches/service packs for Vista get released this situation will improve.

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Only if you have a teraflop of ram!!

only joking.....2 teraflops!!

only joking again....2gb+