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__XBrawlX__ said:
Million said:
I think the future of the Wii is uncertain , they've played all their biggest cards in the early stages of the Wii release , the nature of the casual market is unpredictable , the Novelty of the Wii mote could wear of for many , amount of shovelware being released , least advanced console out of the 3 etc etc, so many things go against the Wii it's amazing.

On the other hand the Wii hasn't changed price point at all , sells healthily regardless of software support , easily outsells the PS3 & 360 combined some weeks etc etc

I don't think the Wii will break 120Mil TBH.

Gotta dissagree with you there... As far as I'm concerned, the Wii hasn't used any life-lines to safe it's ass yet, and won't for quite sometime... The 360 & PS3 both have had price cuts, bundles, and countless games that were supposed to dethrone the Wii... The PS360 are the ones who have used their backups. For the Wii, there's still room for a price cut (Like you mentioned), different colors, building 3rd Party Support, and the big suprises Reggie mentioned that will appear at E3...

Other then that your points are great... :)

My post was really a generalisation and when I said biggest cards I was really reffering to Software , Super Mario , Zelda , Metroid Prime,  Galaxy , Brawl , Wii-Fit , Mario Kart , Wii Play , Wii Sports all released within two years of each other , it provokes the question what's left after Nintendo uses all their biggest franchises in the first two years ? they've got pokemon and that's about it , well there is the option of iterations but that's not really Nintendo's style.

 I believe price-cuts and bundles have a more signifant impact on the PS3 and 360 than they do on the Wii , in  Eurpope there's a £60 price different between the Wii and PS2 ( Using the retailer argos) and it's pretty much agreed that the Wii is pretty  cheap , bundling cheap hardware with a game isn't as good value for money to the customer as bundling expensive hardware with a game . 

 I think because of the nature of the casual demographic price cuts will have neglible effects, casuals could loose interest for reasons external to the Wii (maybe another gaming craze from Apple or something) wheras it's pretty much certain that the hardcore userbase will maintain their interest in the XBOX360/PS3 respetivley until they release the PS4/XBOX720 .

The Wii uses a formula which is different from the traditional approach , low tech , highly innovative , new demographic . WHilst this has resulted in record profitability , popularity etc the future of this kind of appraoch is uncertain , there is no historical data to rely on , Nintendo have no idea how loyal their userbase is.