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well my persoanl opinion still sticks the wii wont sell 80 million since its a fad while its posting up great numbers and game sales from what ive seen casual and non-gamers buy main titles occasionally and most of their games within the first two years then they stop buying on the other hand hardcore gamers tend to keep buying essentially making the profits for any company for example when me and my friend had ps1's in the beggining he as a casual gamer had more games. but by the launch of the ps2 he had 15 titles and i had 37 not to mention i had sold another 12 off. with the ps2 it was a similiar story he had 12 titles i had 32 with 5 others being sold off by the time of the ps3 launch. essentailly hardcore gamers will buy ps3 and 360 yes and in the long run theyre profitable since they keep on buying games. also as an employee of ebgames many peoples reason for not buying a ps3 at that moment was that they just got a job and were going to buy one in the summer or they were going to wait for better games to come out so they would buy one end of summer buy a couple games during the fall and spring such as(gta 4, timecrisis4, heavenly sword, and final fantasy 13, final fantasy versus 13) well thats my opinion the wii wont sell 80 million due to a non-gmaer base and essentially crappy games(excluding zelDA)

Don't want to break it for you but once upon a time people called DS a fad. I also think that you are underestimating the casual gamers, but that is another matter.

Said the same thing about Pokemon too.

And, come to think of it, video games in general.

 I wrote a little post a bit ago, D, that included talks about Pokemon. To this day, there are people who still think that Pokemon "doesn't count" in some fashion (I've seen it expressed in many ways with the same general theme). It's as if, because Pokemon is outside my own interest (and theirs, I presume), it somehow becomes unimportant. As I said in the other thread: tell that to the PSP. 


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If the Wii is selling this great, without Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Metroid Prime 3, and many other fantastic games, it will surely pass the 80 million mark, after these games are released. If the Wii does well enough, and lives long enough, there might be more Mario platformers. If the PS2 can have 4 Ratchet platformers, then why can't the Wii have 4 Mario platformers? Why did the Nintendo 64, and Gamecube only have 1 Mario platformer?

cant compare wii to 360 or ps3.....its like compareing a mustang to a ferrerie and Bently ppl are more likely to buy a mustang cause its cheeper just cause its cheeper doesn't make it batter...............and wii is just a fade .........i dont know who in the right frame of mind 3 to 4 years from now will buy a wii over ps3 or 360 espically when they will all be closley priced at a low price...........but thats just my opnion i have a wii 360 and a ps3 so no favorites just a facts i see.

a.l.e.x59 said:
If the PS2 can have 4 Ratchet platformers, then why can't the Wii have 4 Mario platformers? Why did the Nintendo 64, and Gamecube only have 1 Mario platformer?

Because Nintendo is not milking their franchises like other companies. Sure, people say there are too many Mario games, but all of them are in different genres (platformer, RPG, Kart, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, DDR, Strikers etc.) and are only released once per generation.

The one exception seems to be Mario Party, but that is developed by Hudson Soft, a company which also made dozens of Bomberman games and had not really a hit lately. Mario Party helps their bottom line.

Only one iteration per console for each franchise makes each game something special. Fans know that it will be the only game for the next 4-5 years and that Nintendo is putting a lot of effort into them. It rarely happens that a game of a major Nintendo franchise is only decent. Most of them are good if not great. That's how you get a loyal fanbase.

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You should not just look at the population growth (USA went from 250 to 300 million between 1990 and 2006 BTW), but also at growth rates of things like PCs or mobile phones. Yearly growth rates of 10 %, 20 %, 30 % are possible in IT and consumer electronics. That would equal 60 %, 250 %, 375 % growth over 5 years respectively. Video Games haven't grown nearly that well in the last generation. Now the DS is bringing some new growth, and the Wii might as well.

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I'd like to know if MrStickBall still stands by these predictions???




Guitar Hero 3/ Smash Hits

Someone was a bit off back then...

Former something....

I think the future of the Wii is uncertain , they've played all their biggest cards in the early stages of the Wii release , the nature of the casual market is unpredictable , the Novelty of the Wii mote could wear of for many , amount of shovelware being released , least advanced console out of the 3 etc etc, so many things go against the Wii it's amazing.

On the other hand the Wii hasn't changed price point at all , sells healthily regardless of software support , easily outsells the PS3 & 360 combined some weeks etc etc

I don't think the Wii will break 120Mil TBH.

This actually would have been a really good point, but said topic creator forgot what is the most important aspect of sales: brand appeal. Brandname is what sold the PS2, PS1, and NES as he mentioned. Sure as hell time helped, but what helped them to sell even past their time, aka other stonger more evolved consoles in the market. It's called brand appeal. It's what keeps the PS2 still going and what will keep the Wii going. Sure Wii is going to hit a point of saturation due to its lack of power probably somewhere in mid to late 2009, but brandname will still make it a slow and drawn out death even after N6 is released, giving it the ability to sell way past its time. This is why it can do 80m+. In no way am I implying that it will, because there are still a lot of factors that could stop it, more than likely though this will happen given the current market situation.