Would you(hypothetically) want God of War to become an MMO after GOWIII

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Would you(hypothetically) want God of War to become an MMO after GOWIII

Hell yes! 5 14.29%
As long as they keep the ... 3 8.57%
Maybe 2 5.71%
Not really 6 17.14%
No! It would ruin it! 15 42.86%
I don't care 4 11.43%

Just a thought, what if Santa Monica made the first Hack and Slash MMO. Since the trilogy is over and they announced the games would continue but the main story is over.

I think it could pown WoW

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That would be awful. The whole point of being Kratos is that you are amazingly powerful, and you can kill anything, but you would then be fighting against everyone else is that powerful as well. You don't get the feeling of being super powerful if everyone else is that powerful

hey, i already had that idea! an MMO where your only goal is NOT to be killed by Kratos who roams the lands!

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Awful indeed. Creating that would be a waste of time and money.

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Terribad idea

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A GoW MMO is a bad idea. Kratos is a awesome character because he is unique.

well single player shouldn't be affected whatsoever...And MMO...since UC2 came up with some multiplayer idea...there should be an attempt though by Santa Monica studios. We should leave it to them.

I don't see how this would work in any way...

I'm happy with the GoW trilogy, what they do after that doesn't bother me. If it goes in a direction I'm not interested in then there are plenty of other games for me to get on with. I've never done MMO and I can't really invest the time in them to make it worthwhile.

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