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fkusumot said:


After reading that I realized that I'm gay... for Mario!


After reading that I realized one thing...

Mario.. will you marry me?!! *lol*

What a whiner. 

One finger on Mario and I crack every single bone in your body, so much I care about him :P

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Words Of Wisdom said:
It's always fascinating to see people who think Mario might be gay.

This is a plumber who has spent more years chasing women (one in particular) in video game history than just about any other icon to date.  Heck, he's been chasing women longer than most current video game icons have been alive (so to speak).

Master Chief is more likely to be gay than Mario.

 This is very true. Mario has barely ever been in a game in which he hasn't been chasing women (neither has Link, really).

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Link is the real player though, how many games has he had multiple women he would chase now?

who knows about SMG fisrt day us sales?...

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Dunno about first day...but i know first week gonna be huge.A lot of people who saw that game just remember that a nintendo console without a mario platformers is not a complete Nintendo console.
Another thing,its Mario...

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