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N64! I just loved everything about that console.

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It used to be the PS3 dual shock until I tried the xbox 360 controller. It feels so good in my hands.

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Wii Remote/Nunchuk

PS3 dualshock

*classic design
*most comfortable
*twin sticks feels much more responsive and confortable, 360 ones you have to use by moving edges of stick instead of thumbs in middle
*better all round for gaming, no real weak spots
*using bumpers for shooters is far more responsive that 360 triggers
*no batteries or recharge kit needs to be purchased

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360 controller, had they included a good d-pad it would have been perfect, as it is, it's as close as you can get. Ergonomics are important, it turns out.

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Here's my list of favorite controllers:

1) Wiimote and Nunchuck
2) Gamecube
3) SNES (most modern controllers pull their design from this one)
4) Xbox 360
5) N64 (I want to put it higher because of the anolog stick, but I have a few issues with it)
6) Xbox - the small one
7) Dualshock 2
8) Dualshock 1
9) original PS controller
10) NES (a classic, but there have been so many improvments)
11) Keyboard and Mouse (but still the best for the RTS genre)
12) Guitar Hero ‘Guitar’ Controller (a one-trick pony)
13) Xbox - the big one
14) Atari

I think that is all of the contollers I have spent a considerable amount of time with.

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PS1 and PS2 controllers rock.


Before I started jacking off, that controller was my favorite thing to have in my hand.

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Joel12345 said:

Whats your favorite console controller?Mines the ps3

Reasons why:

1.No wires

2.No batteries




Same here

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ps3 controller cuz all ps controllers r FTW in my opinion :P