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oldschoolfool said:
trashleg said:

i wouldn't.

i'd like to think my boyfriend wouldn't either.

He is the only person who turns me on, and i dont want or need to look at other guys. :)

[as for webcam chats.. i think they might count as cheating but only in certain contexts... there is such a thing as different-gender friendships, and thats totally different to online flirting.]

and i wouldnt get with a guy who had a girlfriend already. ew.

your post went from  to . lol

lol..? i dont get it XD

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Cheating is for losers. Use your skills to beat the game.

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RolStoppable said:
Cheating is for losers. Use your skills to beat the game.

I lol'd

I don't use Cheats anymore, it stops me from unlocking Achievements.

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To me cheating isn't an option. I'm with the person I'm with and if I want to be with someone else then that mean I should no longer be going out with anyone first. But right now I'm couldn't be happier with my girlfriend so I don't really have eyes for anyone else.