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As we know Ed boon annouced last year that MK9 was comming and it was annouced early this year that it would be out by Winter 2010 theres even a movie rebbot planned. So that being said what would you like to see to help MK9 return the Legendary franchise to grace?

heres my a few off the top of my head:

1. More Extreme Fatalities -  I dont know what it is, but fatalities have been boring the last 2 games. There just now wow!, a lot of them are ok and some are just cartoonish, i want the fatalities in MK9 to be brutal and gory, some of the classic chracters have the same fatalities since there introduction to the series like my man Scorpion...the pull off your face to reveal a flaming skull was WOW COOL!!! a long time ago time ago.... i mean its still cool just its wow factor is gone so give them new ones or mix there classic ones up more ta know... maybe he can take a spear throw it through the victims throat then take the mask face off and set the spear on fire blowing the enemy up..bring back the brutal gory wow factor.


2.  Fix those animations - This looks to be already happn becuase Ed Boon said they were using motion capture for MK9, but i still have to point this one out...MK has dimb animations, the walking and punching, and large sets of characters that have the same animations..make them look more natural and give everybody there own animations please


3. Kill Lui Kang and make Kung Lao the main character - seriously,..does anybody like Lui Kang!?, Ive never been a fan of Lui Kang..partly due to his lame fatalities and annoying voice and ive never understood why they made him the main character.. i mean when you think MK you think Scorpion or Sub-Zero and more specifically Kung Lao, hes much more badass and hes the ancester of the Great Kung Lao!!! he would make a much better choice between the to. I was happy when Lui Kang was finally killed but alas he still lives in spirit continuing to steal Kung Lao light.


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Mortal Kombat is amazing,Deception is my fav one ;D

ChrisIsNotSexy said:
Mortal Kombat is amazing,Deception is my fav one ;D

Cool but what would you like fixed/added to MK9

John Tobias just bring him back

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The game should follow in the footsteps of MK2. Good animation, great fatalities and realism. Lots of blood and realism :)

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I much, MUCH prefer Liu Kang to Kung Lao--he has more of the "I'm the hero" feel going for him.

I'd prefer if they gave Subzero back his mask lol

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Just go back to fast paced 2d fighting, with no violence boundaries

It's what made the game famous, after all

And don't use the same netcode used for MKvsDC

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I wanna see some more tie ins:

Mortal Kombat vs Terminator

Mortal Kombat vs Chuck Norris

Mortal Kombal vs Alien vs Predator

Mortal Kombat vs Sackboy

Or Mario and Sonic at the Mortal Kombat Games



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If it never happend.. MK is dead.. they can't go back to awesomeness.. let it die..


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completely 4got about thid thread...go away NiKKoM