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I have yet to have a soilder fight me one at a time its usually at least 2 attacking. I'm only on my 2nd assassination and so far the games a lot of fun but I do think it will become repeditive before its over. Visuals are top notch and I love the way free running feels. Best in game horses ever with on horesback combat included.(take that Oblivion) I'm not impressed with the flag collecting or the saving the poor people from the gards miniquests. I am however enjoying the storyline so far. There have been several moments that have put a big smile on my face.

My only real technical complaint so far is the control scheme. I find it rather cumbersome and I'm haveing trouble keeping everything memorized. I wish things were maped a bit differently. Also I find the games menu system to be excesivly clunky.

There is a lot in this game worthy of praise. From what I've seen so far I find some of the 7's this game has been getting to be rather harsh.

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Really amazing game !!!

Great graphics, sound and gameplay !!!

It's a must buy for all 360 owners.

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as do i, i think it might get a bit repititive at the end, but 7s are way to low for the score. Usually every game gets tired of playing before the end (except short games, or a special few)

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Game trailers-Halo 3 only dissapointed the people who wanted to be dissapointed.

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the game will have good sales regardless so everyone should be pleased regardless the reviews.

Cool, can't wait to play the game. Damn the bloody shipping issues for Au and NZ!!!

Disappointed in your review though. You didn't mention the packaging: how it was presented, why type of plastic the case was wrapped in? Did you get a flash metal case or the normal plastic case. If you going to review game... Must include all details of the game!!! :P

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I played this on a PS3 for about two hours yesterday, and so far I think it is amazing! Maybe it will get repetetative, but I recommend everyone to atleast try this game out. Beautiful and with nice fluent gameplay...love the climbing...

Played like 5 hours on the first seating, so yeah it grabbed me.

I'll say this: first 2 hours or whatever are crap, just awful. That is until you get to Damascus, then the game kicks intu full gear.

The graphics are actually not as impressive as I expected. I'd say it looks very good, just nowhere near the best looking games (Gears, COD 4 or R&C). The cities are huge so that should be taken into account though.

The first holy shit moment in the game is when you climb a high rise the first time in the 1st major city. It'll put thing in perspective :)

The story is garbage and the tutorial was extremely lame (and archaic). The twist is given away in the first 2 minutes. If they had saved it for later as a revalation it would have been awesome. Borrows too much from the Matrix...

At first, I thought the combat was the worse thing I had seen in an action game ever, but it grew on me. Let's just say it's different. It's fun in its own way, not in the way God of War or Ninja Gaiden are fun.

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I would like for you to know that soriku said he murdered you..

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Did you guys see the latest comparison vid!!


search for it assassins creed looks alot better on what system? You got it The ...




Noticed lots of small glitches, nothing big: person going through the floor once, some people walking through each other and such, nothing game breaking.

Music hasn't really stood out and voice acting is decent.

I think they tried too hard to make the controls accessible to casuals. You basically keep two buttons pressed to run, jump and climb.

Good map system, very easy to get to the many objectives in the city.

Basically the first two hours disappointed me a lot and I was gonna stop playing and return it, but then it got worlds better.

One key thing is that I just started playing so I dunno if repeating the same mission types will bring down the game for me later, but right now I like it a lot.

If I had to score the game so far like the OP:

Presentation: 8.5
Graphics: 9.0
Gameplay: 9.3
Sound: 8.0
Story: 5.5
Overall (not an average): 8.7

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leo-j said:

I would like for you to know that soriku said he murdered you..

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Did you guys see the latest comparison vid!!


search for it assassins creed looks alot better on what system? You got it The ...

He did, but I had a Phoenix Down...

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