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The way this guy talks makes the English language cry. But he was good for some at least.

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He makes me cry. I wich that he was Wiifan so I could tease my friend but nah PSTRIPLE!!!


WoW..... I got satart callin my PS3 the PStriple now.

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I think I lost a couple of IQ points watching that video. He needs to do Sony a favor and never post online about the PS3 again.

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This can't be real!? Wii ain't got games. 360 ain't got games. OH, by the way, he hung himself after this was made.

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i wonder if he called his old sytem the PS-Double

LOL i have no idea what he's saying. all i hear is "come on" blah blah blah and "wii" blah blah blah.

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