Your favorite Nintendo controller?

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Your favorite Nintendo controller?

NES Controller 10 4.52%
SNES Controller 30 13.57%
N64 Controller 35 15.84%
GCN Controller 63 28.51%
Wiimote/Nunchuk 75 33.94%
Classic Controller/Pro 8 3.62%
Maneco said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:
I think people should have to post their age when answering this question. Sometimes I wonder if most of the people responding were even old enough to understand thee impact of all these controllers in their time.

Why? It's asking what is one's favourite controller, not the one who was the most revolutionary.

I want to know more about their gaming experience to better graps where their view is coming from. Not that I can disagree with someones favorite controller, but with that bit of information, I can at least graps where they are coming from.

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I was a PC kid basically for the whole of the 1990s. Pretty much everything I played, I used a mouse to play it. Transitioning back to controllers after a decade of not using them was a surreal experience, and quite frankly intimidating as hell since they'd gone from 4 buttons and 1 D-Pad with the NES to 12 buttons, two analog sticks, and a D-Pad with the DualShock (though to be fair, I got the hang of it quickly enough). So it's no surprise that the controller with pointer functionality is my favorite. Long live the Wii Remote!

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The first time i saw the N64 controller i felt in love.

Since then, for me, its the best one.


Wiimote + Nunchuck followed by the Super Nintendo controller.

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Once you get a taste of the Wiimote and Nunchuck there's no going back...
Ample space to move your arms around, and the future of FPS.

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Classic controller ROCKS ^__^




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Gamecube ftw

Gamecube wins for me.  As of the current generation, the gc controller is still the most comfortable controller in my opinion even when compared to the 360.  Despite the amount of options that the wiimote + nunchuck bring to the table, in terms of precision and overall button placement, the gamecube wins by the long shot.  In fact, many games on the Wii play better WITH the gamecube controller, namely smash bros., TvC, Muramasa, and etc. in comparison to the Wiimote simply due to the amount of precision it offers.  And plus, the button layout just makes sense to me, everything's within your reach when you need to use it and button combos using the a, b, y, x buttons are pretty easy to pull off.