As a gamer what would be worse?

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As a gamer what would be worse?

losing your hands 8 13.11%
losing your eye-sight 53 86.89%

i would say the eyes because at least someone can watch someone playing and yes on bionic hands being more possible than eye-transplants. If eye transplants are possible i'd like to see news on it.

Waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting patiently for MH3 : p



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Well now that Natal is coming, having no arms wouldn't be so bad at all.  Having no eyesight would kill me.

Wait a minute... I just had a thought.

How would you masturbate with your own feet? :-O

I know the OP says "as a gamer", but somehow... I thought it was relevant.

Quem disse que a boca é tua?

Qual é, Dadinho...?

Dadinho é o caralho! Meu nome agora é Zé Pequeno!

Losing my hands. Always happens when I play Warhawk.