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As someone who isn't biased toward WoW, I feel I need to say that players most likely means accounts. They differentiate by using the word characters in the very next sentence. It's not a big deal, you guys.

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It is because of goldspammers and trial accounts imho

Even if we were talking accounts and not characters (which I think we are) the fact of the matter is that they consistently have 11.5 million subscribers. This means that something like 36 million people have given the game a try. Seems like a very good level of player retention to me, especially since the annual subscriptions far surpass the money needed to maintain the game. Also, they haven't had an expansion in almost a year and a half, a lot of people have probably gotten bored and may be coming back when Cataclysm launches (while new players will be sure to try it out, too). If, after their next expansion, the regular subscribers begin dwindling on a constant basis THEN we can say that WoW has hit a tipping point. Right now what we're looking at is a large boost in player interest (and added revenues) due out within a year or so.

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I stand by that most characters don't go past 10. I also think the article should focus more on it's stagnant player base/growth than level 10 characters.

I'm going to add a commentary.

WoW has no problems. It's a perfect jewel of game for what the jewels worth it. Maybe it's glass, zirconium or whatever. From that perspective it's incredibly well done.

If WoW had a problem(yes I know what I said). It's the fact that's it's perfected ONE thing and only ONE thing. WoW could come out with a hundred of expansions and the game would be about ONE thing. And that's where and why the user base has hit stagnation/peak. It's only appealing to the people who are only looking to do that ONE thing.

What is it that does well. It melds playing with virtual Barbie dolls and killing things really well. After two expansions the game is about the same thing since it's release. Playing with dolls and killing things. Everything is related to playing with dolls or killings things. Often you can't do anything else in the game(like crafting) unless you kill things and play with your doll.

The game offers no other medium of entertainment. That's why the game has it's population point. That's the total singular location of all people who are interested playing with dolls and killing things can get. Maybe if WoW offered varried entertainment it could appeal to a broader market and increase it's user base.

There was an April fools joke of a new class( http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/features/bard/bardclass.xml  ). And if it actually offered GuitarHero/RockBand band tour like game play in WoW. Then the population would continue to grow. In the Thousand needles there is a race course. But you can't do anything. You can't create your own racer, you can bet. There is nothing to do. But what if the game offered a racing tour system.

How would WoW screw it up. Likely it would get messed up because you couldn't do anything with these new profession skills that weren't to playing with your doll and killing things.

So what's going to happen when Cataclysm comes out. It will see a temporary resurgence, but will fade after a bit then continue on with what it has now.

Finally there is nothing wrong with WoW. It has a 11.5 million user base. How can a monthly income of that many subscribers be wrong? They are not. WoW set out a goal and well surpassed all expectations. Blizzard should be commended for their work. WoW is a great game for what it is, but if you/I as a player have gotten bored of playing with dolls and killings things. Well I moved on.

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I'm one of them, got bored with the game and quit around lvl 5.

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Aj_habfan said:
I'm one of them, got bored with the game and quit around lvl 5.

Have you ever paid the subscription fee?

I'm asking because if you didn't, that would indicate that people that do grow bored do no count towards the people that pay the subscription.

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Killergran said:
Aj_habfan said:
I'm one of them, got bored with the game and quit around lvl 5.

Have you ever paid the subscription fee?

I'm asking because if you didn't, that would indicate that people that do grow bored do no count towards the people that pay the subscription.

Shouldn't matter, he already paid the $50 bucks. Which makes me wodner, if the majority of people don't get past level 10, and there are 11.5 million active accounts, just how many effing copies has wow sold? 25 mil?

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it was fun to use LVL 2 dwarves to be dragon spawn detectors =)


and how can you get bored at lvl 5??? you barely played 20 mins...the game is still fresh and feels like any action game at that level... That is unless you got pwned by rabbits...


@everyone who thinks the statement is about characters not accounts


Why on earth would Blizzard care or care to reveal the number of characters that don't reach level 10? This is clearly about accounts because Blizzard would not be talking about it otherwise. (honestly, I don't know how you can read "70% of World of Warcraft players" and think that this is about anything but accounts)


I know it can be hard for someone who is so commited to the game and knows so many others who are committed to the game to accept that you are the exeption and not the rule. But the point is really that you never see these other people. They join, play for a few hours, find it boring and never return. And you (and the rest of the regular player base) are oblivious to their presence.


If you want to put a positive spin on this, there are likely 15 million plus players who have exceeded level 10 over the years, meaning that WoW has had 50 million plus people try it. That's pretty impressive.


(btw, I had never tried WoW because I got bored with several other mmorpgs before getting more than a couple of levels in and while Blizzard did much to fix the problems other people had with mmorpgs, WoW includes everything I disliked about the mmorpgs I have tried)

bank characters obviously.