Will YOU legalize your PSP?

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Will YOU legalize your PSP?

YES, now thereīs online content and games! 32 29.09%
YES, now I am a milionaire. 16 14.55%
NO, I donīt have money for games. 9 8.18%
NO, custom ROMs still work. 11 10.00%
NO, I donīt need online features. 16 14.55%
NO, fu!@# SONY!!! 26 23.64%

Now PSP has great online content thru PSN.... great games as Little Big Planet with online features, Dirt 2, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, etc...

I´ve got a original locked PSP and was wondering: should I install a custom ROM?

After doing some math... I realize: It´s not worth to unlock, I have a PS3 that isn´t unlocked and is great, I see all this online PSP content and games, maybe $120bucks to build up a great PSP game collection over 6 or 9 month can be achieved...

IF you OWN a PSP... what do you think about?  *SORRY, SORRY About my TERRIBLE english.

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PSP Go... guess :)

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Mines been legal since day one, though I only bought a few games new like Persona.

It's just that simple.

Legal one here too.I won't do the same mistake I did with my ds.Too many games to play too few to really enjoy.

Installing custom firmware isn't illegal...

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Mine is legal too, and I have custom firmware.

I've got a old japanese psp1000 that is customed, it lets you change the o and x back to western style... remote play gets confusing. I've also got a few home-brew program on it and a psp 2000 which is unmodified and used mainly for my games. Customed PSP gives it a whole new reason to use it like the ipod apps
piracy is one of the main things killing the PSP, to do so would to be to shoot yourself in the foot..

i don't like pirating games. mine was normal from the start.

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My two PSPs and my Go are legal, I mostly use them for multimedia content anyway and the few games I play are imports from Japan, so no need or will to pirate.

I'd never remove my CFW.