Could Metal Gear: Peace Walker feature PSP trophies?!?!

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I was thinking about the article posted here a few days ago...

When Kojima said the surprise would make gamers go out and buy PSP's... Well trophies is the only thing I can think of that is significant enough to warrant gamers going out and buying PSPs. A lot of gamers are trophy/gamerscore enthusiasts now. They might jump at the idea of having trophies on handhelds.

Of course, this seems very unlikely, but it's just something that came to my mind. Kojima always delivers, so it could be something big like this. 

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nah i doubt it, i am thinking that it will have an mgs: rising trailer at the end....i really dont want trophies on psp, they will be hacked to hell

Sir... no.

Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
Sir... no.

Hush you! Such a downer! :P 

Anyways, we need to play WKC when I fix my PS3! >.o 

SOny have said they will not add trophy support to the PSP since the platform is too hacked and it would ruin the trophy system.


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why do people care so much about trophies?

I just play games for fun...

the feature he was talking about is that he is playing mind tricks on you to buy one

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Sadly no, psp will never get trophies.




Sony shot down the PSP trophy idea a long time ago, saying it would just be hacked. I'm guessing it gives you a demo code for Rising...or perhaps a new MGS?

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Sadly.... No. Not a chance in hell.

As other have said, sony have already publicly said trophies will never happen on the PSP. Shame but ......maybe in the next psp?..