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I have made up my mind. After playing farcry2 for a while on the PC. I am going to buy every multiplat game for the PC as long as it has controller support(until i get used to the whole mouse and keyboard.) I am just amazed at how much better everything looks. Also being able to use the keyboard makes somethings so much easier.

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Yea things look great on a PC that has good specs. They have some nice gaming keyboards and mice that make it even more enjoyable.

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Yeah, that has been the way I've done it since 1997. A lot of games simply looks and play better on PC.

I have always know the graphics in games on the PC have been better. But I just love playing games with a controller. I grew up with NES, genesis, Saturn, PS1, PS2, and this gen PS3 and xbox360. But this is the first time I have owned a PC with high end specs. And wow. I am glad more games are getting controller support. Means I will be able to enjoy more then just RTS on the computer. :D

Yeah ... just learn the keyboard/mouse setup. It's vastly superior in genres like FPS and RTS.

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your trophy and achievement count is sure gonna be low

Welcome PC gaming. It really is the best out of any gaming experience.

BTW i really sugest you learn mouse/keyboard...exspecially for FPS and RTS. You won't regret it.

Do you use Steam? If not look into it, it realy is the best thing going on PC atm imho.

If you do get Steam add me....Kage_848@yahoo.com

That is a great idea, as long as you don't care about Trophies/Achievements. I think you can share your achievements with PC/Xbox 360 though.

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I also recently switched to PC gaming afters years of being a console gamer.

I recenrlt purchased an ultra portable HP PC with 8gb of ram. It's a pretty decent hookup.

So far, I have only played Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Highly anticipating Bioshock 2 and considering Borderlands.

PC gaming definitely has its benefits. The games tend to be slightly cheaper than console counterparts and I can watch tv while playing. Also, it may just be my imagination, but PC games appear to have less frequent/shorter loading times. May vary though depending on system setup, right?

The downside would have to be hard drive space. Even with 320 gigs, games are pretty large.

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PC gaming is a bliss, i can play any game on my laptop on my bed! (with a touchpad not a mouse).
also its not as expensive as people make it seem to be.

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