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So, this thread's about rugby, now?

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CrimsonRevolver said:

Rugby players wouldn't last a second on the field with American football players. They don't need pads because it's a game played by 90 lbs. midgets. lol

Just sayin'.

And American Football players wouldn't last a second on a Rugby pitch as they're all oversized 500 lb fat guys with no stamina and extra padding that couldn't play a face paced action game. lol

Just sayin'

Back to the OP, i dont think the moderation system is flawed, i have been quite a flammer and trolling around and i m (for now!) still here :D

I just think you must use the brakes when you are going to crash as happened to me with a X360 mod, it was cause i called the Xboxers crybabies in the threat "Why there is so much hating about the X360 in the forums".

I received an alert for flamming and i edited that comentary :D

PS: I dont like any kind of football, i love tennis the most ! >D

RUGBY sevens owns all other sports

oh and starcraft

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trashleg said:
zexen_lowe said:
trashleg said:
yuck, only a bunch of silly men could turn a thread about mod-banning into one about stupid football ¬_¬;

It's stupid because Scotland hasn't qualified to a WC in 12 years?

no, its stupid cos i don't have a penis.

I was thinking exactly what you were saying up until that moment.


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I tried to watch Amerian football for 2 hours... damn that must have been the most boring sh*t I've ever watched... How the hell can you love that extremly boring game?? 20 mins of tatics 15 sec of actual gameplay. and you have the nerve to say that foball(soccer) isway more boring that that pile of sh*t game exiting!!!

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Torillian said:
N.Genckel said:
Haha, I got banned for a fucking month for this? Retards. Seriously, just fucking pathetic, and you know it.

you called all Americans racists based of the fact that they called another sport football.  Seriously what is wrong with you?

Racists? I think not. Stop trying to bend reality to validate your retarded behavior. It's beyond pathetic. Seriously, what is wrong with you? (don't answer, everyone knows what the problem is)

Oh no you're right, you called them all rascals. So I guess you were banned for having such a shitty and annoying attitude. Hell I'm thinking of banning you again.