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What is your favorite sandbox game? For me hands down it has to be Spider-man 2!!




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GTA is my favorite the pure openess and what you can do, somehow ripping someone out of a car in GTA is alot funner then any other game

I personally like Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans

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best time was playing sex on the beach.

right now its Godfather for Wii.

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This one

thanks fishamaphone I just played that game for like 10 minutes and now I'm addicted

I told you it's my favorite :) And it's really a *sandbox* game, too... not like these "run around a city" fakers.

yay Hell of Sand! It lags on my work computer sometimes hehe. gg flash games.

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I love it. Runs great on my box luckily. :D

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