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Yesterday I beat Resistance: FOM and a week ago Ratchet and Clank: TOD.

Some may ask why it took so long to beat these games. Well it's Insomniacs fault. No offence to them they are great developers but the checkpoint system of their games is terrible. In Ratchet and Clank, if you killed a lot of monsters and travelled a lot of distance when you die you have start over at the very beginning. The distance between the checkpoints is huge. Everytime I started the games I wanted to play long time. But those fuckin checkpoints make the game boring and made me crazy. So a half hour was enough. The same problem does have Resistance. This makes it less attractive to buy the sequel. Okay it was my first Ratchet game but the game isn't that great as some here mentioned.

What do you think of the checkpoint system? 

Sorry for my bad English.

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You should try beating COD:WAW on veteran. The distance between some checkpoints is absolutely ridiculous.

I can't really remember how bad the checkpoints were in Resistance: FOM it's been quite some time since I've played that game.

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Resistance: Fall of Man was pretty ridiculous with its checkpoint spacing, I agree.

But Tools of Destruction...checkpoints or no checkpoints, that was one INCREDIBLY easy game. You should barely be getting hit, let alone dying. ACiT...now, that's a different matter. But in neither game did I think the checkpoints were unreasonable. It's not like it respawns you before a large battle or anything...

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Terrible placement of checkpoints is a trademark of the R&C series. Usually you have to go through easy parts for quite a while and just before the checkpoint the difficulty increases notably. If you aren't prepared for that, you die pretty fast and have to start over. That sucks.

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If you want frustrating, play Resistance 2.

The AI will have every enemy in a three mile radius riddle you with bullets if you so much as stick your foot out of cover.

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R&C games are pretty easy though. im playing a Crack in time right now on Hard mode from the begining and no deaths yet. granted im onlt 1 hour into it. also i belive you can manually save if you want to anywhere.
R2 is on pretty hard on super human. otherwise nothing too bad.

Well..I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. If it took you this long to beat Resistance: Fall of Man, it's not Insomniac's fault..I'd say where the fault lies, but I'd probably get banned.

The checkpoints were fine..I beat the game no problem, and never experienced frustration over where the checkpoints were placed. I also beat it a few months after it came out, it didn't take me almost 4 years. I always play every game I purchase on it's hardest difficulty as well, as I did with Resistance. Just, maybe, get better at FPS', and it won't be such an issue? I dunno what to tell you. Didn't play through R&C, so I can't comment on that.

I laughed a bit at this ;D! Because you are SO WRONG! OK, it's an opinion, but I COMPLETELY DISAGREE! Also Ratchet and Clank games are always easy (which is definitely a good thing).

I've never really had any issues with R&C - to be honest I rarely expect to die unless on a challenge playthough.

Resistance though did have a few bad checkpoints - although I don't remember it as that bad.

Could be you and Insomniac checkpoints just don't get along too well. Shame, as the games are fun, but I understand how annoying it is when checkpoints don't work.

Now if consoles just let you save anywhere like a proper PC game... that would be better. I will never be happy with console approaches as I want to be able to jump up at any time, save, and head out the door without having to start from the beginning of the level again. I have no idea why consoles take the approach they do to saving for most of their titles. One nice thing about the more PC design titles that have come to consoles (PS3/360 mainly) is a proper save/load anywhere system.

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I never found the checkpoints in either game a problem! I did have an issue with Crack In Time though as had to play through it 4 times to get all the trophies, got all them but challenge mode and hard after first play, 2nd i got challenge, 3rd i completed it after changing the mode to hard but nothing (as nothing stated you had to start a brand new game) so 4th play i got the hard one! Grrr lol