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They posted before their accounts were deleted.

Nintendo still doomed?
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What the ..........

Summaro400ex said:
well this seems like an appropriate thread to ask this question in.
Who created VGChartz and what exactly is VGCharts?

 i asked that along time ago but no one answered me and the thread died thanks....but i still want to know

^originally vgcharts.org was created by ioi (known as Broshnat, who is the deleted account that started this thread)

last March/April the site changed to vgchartz.com.... but it is still the same site.


The current website called vgcharts.com is a rarely updated list of NPD/Media Create numbers and some terrible graphs to show them, but it has nothing to do with this site.

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Once upon a time one of the mods would have banned ioi for necro thread revival.

Actually I quite enjoy reading old threads every so often

Welcome, who are you anyway?


I WILL CONTINUE THE TRADITION OF THIS THREAD AND SAY, what the heck is going on in this thread?

Thanks for the great site Mr. Walton!

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Holy crap I loved revived old threads