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Well, I thought the Vita was dead anyway? Why support a dead console? :P

In honesty, the future is looking slightly better for the Vita, but something really needs to be done to make it a must-buy for most.


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I hope we see more Vita stuff at TGS. It has games now, but it needs more. A pricecut will help sales, but another killer app would help sales more.

As it often happens, Sony PR this time looks like hammering their own bollocks flat to make their trousers fall better.

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This makes sense, given that they had to make room for Wonderbook.

That's not a joke.

Remember the context of E3: it's not really for the people watching it on livestream. It's more for investors who will look at the news later. Wonderbook had to be the centerpiece of the show, and they needed to trim out everything else.

Truth be told, they probably don't really want investors thinking about the Vita too hard. They're waiting until they have some more good news to relate.

More PR poop, there's always a high abundance of it after every E3.

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According to Sony, Wonderbook is more important than the Vita.

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Who the hell complained that Sony conference were too long


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Troll_Whisperer said:
I'm guessing the 30 minutes they dedicated to wondebook were absolutely essential.


We knew this about a day after the conference, quite an old quote. And we already got angry about it in the Vita thread (or at least, my anger covered everyone there). 

Sony had a very strong conference, that is if you cut the Wonderbook mess that Sony felt needed to be incredibly TOO LONG.

However, Vita should have been at least 50% of the conference. I don't remember what exactly I said but I do remember I posted up (on the VGChartz forums) what they needed to do to have a successful conference. They didn't do that. Instead they wanted to show logos of things that didn't have any videos evidence it actually exists (PlayStation Mobile, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Mysteries of something [it was the first Wonderbook game announced] and Sports Champions 2).

It wasn't bad, but it could have been a hell of a lot better. I don't know what to tell Sony right now. They are becoming that legendary has-been that still believes it's tricks from a decade ago will keep them loved. I won't start hounding Andrew House just yet, but he has his work cut out for him and I will become vocal if improvements are not made to the struggling PlayStation team. I could do a much better job than any of them in those high positions right now.