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    The reason why my post in Ninjablade thread was that, that I never do agree with him and many times I debate him, I almost risk myself to get ban, but this is one the few (very few, to the point of endangered species) times I would agree with him... Granted, I should've worded it better, as in until both systems launched, but that's what I wanted to get at. Appoligies for such poor post... :/

    no worries man I was more confused than annoyed

    on 24 May 2013

    yo dude! so you're Ratchet and Clank fan too?

    it's only my favorite series of all time. Though I haven't liked their direction with the last 2 "experimental" titles.

    on 05 May 2013

    I know right. I mean that ending in A crack in Time meant that we were going to find the lombaxes!

    on 05 May 2013

    yeah I'm glad they have 1 more serious story to tackle. I wouldn't mind the story coming to a close but I'm hoping they have another ACiT in them for PS4.

    on 06 May 2013

    Oh it's from Fire Emblem Awakening.

    I was just about to tell him!

    Clearly doesn't participate in the thread. Missing out if you ask me

    on 07 April 2013

    < Kaizar posted something on platformmaster918's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013:


    Upgraded Top 16 Movies of Summer 2013:


    Star Wars Episode 7,8,9, & sides Thread:


    Dude, you get banned for saying the truth? amp316 needs to chill out and think about what you're saying...

    He said "Microsoft are jerks". That's why he got banned.

    But i agree with everything he said.

    on 03 March 2013

    I thought if I was upfront and listed reasons for why I didn't like them I wouldn't get banned. I think I gave fair reasons for disliking but I guess I won't comment on them from now on because honestly I don't have much nice to say other than I like their OS, Halo, Achievements, and Gears when I'm playing it co-op lol. Haven't tried Alan Wake either but I don't like them otherwise so oh well guess I'll avoid the subject on forums.

    on 04 March 2013

    < platformmaster918 updated his status:

    A man must clear his backlog. A man must be done by the time GoW comes.

    Love your posts!

    a man appreciates admiration of his work. A man returns the compliment.

    on 26 February 2013

    < platformmaster918 updated his status:

    gotta get this backlog cleared before GoW comes out. Looking forward to trying out BG&E, Vanquish, and Dragonborn for the first time while polishing off my MGS3 platinum (long time coming since it's my second favorite game ever).

    < platformmaster918 updated his status:

    finally playing new sly after 7 years!

    < Salnax posted something on platformmaster918's wall:

    It's that time of month again! Participate in the gamrconnect Most Wanted: March 2013 edition by clicking the link below.


    It is a awesome avatar I agree *-*!

    A little birdie told me that your favorite game this gen was A Crack in Time. I LOVE THAT GAME

    Definitely. Ratchet and clank has been my favorite game series ever since going commando. Up your arsenal is my favorite game of all time and a crack in time is top 5. Tools of destruction and going commando are awesome as well. The last 2 have kind of made me mad but I hope they make one more traditional one on ps4 to close out the story.

    on 05 February 2013

    < platformmaster918 updated his status:

    Gonna be old-school gaming the next couple weeks. Got GTA San Andreas and Vice City along with Bully untouched on my PS2 classics and then Sly: Thieves in Time coming out (a resurrected PS2 franchise). Haven't played Vice or Bully since they came out and never played San Andreas so it's looking to be a fun few weeks.

    < Turkish posted something on platformmaster918's wall:

    Great avatar lol

    Christmas is over, dude!

    on 19 January 2013

    That's nicer

    on 19 January 2013

    Happy holidays, pm!

    11 more posts and you're eligible to create a thread! Any ideas what it might be?

    < platformmaster918 updated his status:

    What's going on?

    < platformmaster918 updated his status:

    Playing some Halloween based games right now like Infamous: Festival of Blood, Medieval, and Batman Arkham Asylum and City.

    How are the games coming along?

    on 26 October 2012

    finished Festival of Blood (shorter than I remember)
    Beat the Batman's about a week ago and about halfway through medieval (first time playing it and it holds up really well). I'm hoping to finish that tomorrow then it's South Park and Simpsons Halloween specials until the 31st :)

    on 26 October 2012

    Ratchet & Clank 3 is a great game! You mentioned Half-Life 2 as well. Which games round out the rest of your top 10?

    Any Nintendo games?

    on 20 October 2012

    Well Ratchet and Clank: ACiT is in there as well, but I'll stick to one per franchise. In no particular order...Crash 3, MGS3, Uncharted 3, Batman AC, Spyro 1, Legend of Zelda ALttP, Jak 3, God of War 2. Honorable mentions=Sly 2, Resistance 3, Journey, SoTC, Super Smash Bros. 1, and Goldeneye 64.

    It should be noted I'm too young for most of the 2d games to have the same impact. That's why ALttP made the cut for me above some other contenders because I played it a couple years ago and it was still simply magical and enthralling even after all these years. R&C3 is my favorite and MGS3 is probably second but after that I couldn't tell you the order. Crash is definitely what I spent the most time on back during the PS1 days by far (still play through it every now and then).

    on 21 October 2012

    Nice list! I have a soft spot for Ratchet & Clank, although I've only made it up to Size Matters for PSP. Still need to play the PS3 games. And of course MGS3 and Shadow of the Colossus are all-time greats. How do you feel about Ico?

    on 21 October 2012

    I don't know why but I just couldn't get into ICO. I like puzzles and platforming but the combat was soooo bland and the constant escorting just sucked the fun out of it for me. Even the platforming was a little off for me.

    on 21 October 2012

    Fair enough. I just pray we see The Last Guardian in our lifetime...

    on 21 October 2012

    Welcome to the site! Long username O_o

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