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    What The Hell Is Going On With Software Sales In The US?

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 03 January 2014

    So, uh...what the fuck? The PS4 and Xone have been selling great since launch. Yet when I look at the software charts, NSMBU and Luigi U being bundled with the WiiU was enough for them to handily beat every retail game on the Xone/PS4 this week. 3D World was even higher, being the only next-gen title in the top 10. Not only that, but goddamned Rocksmith on the 360 (67,000) sold more than...

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    USA Pre-Order Chart - Week Ending September 21st 2013

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 25 September 2013

      USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending 21st Sep 2013   Pos Game Weeks to Launch Weekly Change Total 1   Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360)Activision, Shooter   7 12,830 495,034 2   Battlefield 4 (X360)Electronic Arts, Shooter   6 6,923 311,735 3   Pokémon X/Y...

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    Nintendo's FY2014 Projections for Wii U Software: DAFUQ?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 24 April 2013

    So yeah. Looking at the numbers released earlier today: Total Wii U software sales as of Q3: 11.69 millionTotal Wii U software sales as of Q4: 13.42 million   So they only sold 1.7 million games between January and March globally, including digital versions and bundles. They came in far below their 16 million unit projection, which was itself a 30% drop from their initial 24 million unit...

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    Just Played Through Bioshock Infinite--My Take *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 30 March 2013

    *SPOILERS BELOW* I got a new video card for my PC (an HD 7870), and got both Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite as part of AMD's "Never Settle" bundle for free. I played through Bioshock first. First, what I liked: + The graphics - The game looks really, really good. You really get the sense that Columbia is an actual place, giving you a sense of immersion that makes the setting feel more...

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    Played Through GOW: Ascension's Single Player--A Few Thoughts

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 27 March 2013

    So I picked up Ascension a few days ago. I'm on my second run-through right now. Here are some impressions: First thing's first; this is the best looking game I've ever played for the PS3, no contest. The level of detail is jaw-dropping; it's amazing what they're still pulling out of the Cell this late in. I was constantly left in awe by how amazing everything looked. Santa Monica knows how good...

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    Really, SE? 3.4 Million Tomb Raider Sales "Below Expectations"?

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 26 March 2013

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-03-26-tomb-raider-has-sold-3-4-million-copies-failed-to-hit-expectations What were they expecting? How much did they spend on dev costs and marketing? Because there's no reason these kinds of numbers should be bad, seeing as that'd put it in line with the series' glory days on the PS1. And it doesn't even account for digital sales. The budgeting for these...

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    The Oldest Game Stuff You Still Have?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 21 March 2013

    Just as the title implies. Consoles, games, magazines, strategy guides, toys...among the game-related products you still own, what are the oldest? The oldest console I still have in the house is a green Game Boy Color which belonged to my brother. As far as games, I still have my copy of Battle Arena Toshinden from '95 for the PS1. All my old Gamepros and EGM magazines were thrown away by my...

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    The Wii U Hardware Adjustments (in case anyone was wondering)

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 17 March 2013

    I finally remembered to screencap the before and after stuff, just in case. The recent changes are all after week 9. These are the numbers before I checked the sales listed for previous weeks: And THESE are the up-to-date sales: So they added over 20k WiiU sales in the States in 6 weeks. Let me know if any of the numbers are off....

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    Nintendo Fans: what will the WiiU's weekly sales be like once the heavy hitters are out?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 25 July 2013

    A corollary to my last thread on software sales (http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=156943). Lots of people have said they're waiting for more first party offerings before buying a Wii U. How do you think the system will sell once games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Zelda are out?...

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    Nintendo Fans: how do you expect the most anticipated Wii U titles to sell?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 14 March 2013

    Among games like Smash Bros. U, a new Zelda, a new 3D Mario, and so on, what kind of sales numbers are you expecting?  (Hardware prediction thread: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=156958) Averages So Far   3D Mario - 7.1m (11 guesses, 3-10m range) NSMBU - 12.8m (3 guesses, 10-15m range) Smash - 9.0m (9 guesses, 3-12m range) Mario Kart - 14.7m (11 guesses, 5-30m...

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    Eurogamer: PS4 May Include Cloud-Based PS3 BC

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 16 February 2013

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-02-16-the-ps4-to-feature-cloud-based-backwards-compatibility-report Sounds good on paper, but the key issue is going to be performance and pricing. How exactly will this work in practice? WIll it be free, part of PS+ or a seperate paid service entirely? If they pull it off, it'd be godlike, but that's going to be difficult at best. Thoughts?...

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    What's The Soonest You've Ever Bought A Console After Launch? What's The Longest?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 11 February 2013

    Just throwing this out there. For me, the closest we got to buying at launch date at my house was for the PS1. We got that a few months after launch. The longest would probably be the Dreamcast, which I bought for $60 something like 4 years after it was discontinued in the States.What about you?...

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    Final Fantasy and reboots: I have some questions

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 19 January 2013

    Throughout this generation, I've seen lots of shit talk and divisiveness over SE's handling of it's flagship franchise. In particular, I've seen many demands for a remake of Final Fantasy VII from people who've hated the company's recent work. I can't attest to that, seeing as I haven't touched any mainline FF games since 10 (one of my favorite games ever). But there is one thing that does bug...

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    Forum Thread Stuck on Sorting By View Count

    in Website Topics, last active on on 07 January 2013

    So a few weeks ago, I was browsing the forums, and switched the Sony section's thread sorting to views just to see what threads came out on top. Since then, that sort has become the default view for EVERY forum section--no matter how many times I choose a different option, it goes back to sorting threads by how many views they have. I want it to go back to sorting by the latest post, like it did...

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    What Big Improvements Have You Seen In PSP Games When Played On The Vita?

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 21 December 2012

    I recently bought a Vita, using store-credit and tons of trade-ins (like, 10+ PS3 and PSP games). Some of the PSP games I've been playing on it have shown marked improvement--Maverick Hunter X's moments of slowdown are nonexistant, and Def Jam Fight for NY runs at 60 fps instead of the usual 30 (!!). So what I want to know is: have any Vita owners seen similar boosts in performance with their...

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    The Wii U is being outsold by last gen consoles? And what of it?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 22 December 2012

    I've been seeing people here and on other sites citing how the Wii U is still selling below other consoles as proof that it's not going to do well. Wanting to confirm whether or not it sounded like the fanboy hyperbole it came off as, I went back and looked at some articles about sales around '06 and '07. I found some intriguing...

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