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    Yoshinori ONO "There’s plenty of time to save $300 before the game comes out"

    in Sony Discussion on 19 November 2015

    OdinHades said: Darwinianevolution said:Why doesn't this game have an arcade version? Because Arcade is dead in the water in the west and heavily declining in Japan. F2P is the new arcade, it's sad but true. We should all be thankful that SF5 isn't a F2P iPhone App!  ... Although I'm sure that will follow at some point... They already made a mobile SF4 (LG...

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    Ronda Rousey Just Got KTFO

    in Sports Discussion on 15 November 2015

    Hiku said: Holly Holm's next opponent will be a Japanese karateka?...

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    October 24 Charts: US chart up

    in Latest Charts on 15 November 2015

    Assuming those numbers hold, Syndicate's sales represent a 37% drop compared to Unity. Ouch. Given how the Zestiria numbers look, though, I have doubts that these numbers won't change dramatically....

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    Main Reason why Twilight Princess HD doesnt look as good?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 November 2015

    JNK said: ps3-sales! said: Maybe. Honestly the textures of both versions of TP look like absolute garbage. It clearly has not aged well. Windwaker on the other hand with it's animated style even looks great (imo) to this day on the gamecube. Aged great. Some games just don't age well no matter if they get a remaster or not.   Please check this video (starts at...

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    UK September 5, 2015 chart

    in Latest Charts on 31 October 2015

    Goddamn, Machina has been putting in work with these chart updates....

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    2016 USA Presidential Election

    in Politics Discussion on 26 October 2015

    This is the least inspiring lineup since 2004. The Republican side has been an absolute clownshow. You have all these sitting senators and governors with actual experience and records to judge them on, and they're being shown up by the likes of Ben Carson and goddamn Donald Trump. Trump in particular makes no sense to me at all--post-Tea Party, the Republicans have taken a slash-and-burn...

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    Can you be a true Nintendo fan if you own other consoles?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 October 2015

    Eddie_Raja said:I feel like the entire premise of this question is flawed. My god just buy good products people, not company loyalty! This is the best mindset to have.Blind company loyalty does far more for the company than it ever does for the consumer....

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    So I just built a PC and here's my take on the whole Consoles VS PC argument

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 October 2015

    yoscrafty said: The whole argument of "you could make a PC for cheaper and better" is flawed as it doesn't factor every component needed for it to be ready to use. Also, the hassle of researching and building isn't worth the savings you could make (which is practically non-existant). This is why I, as someone who has played on both PC AND console for years and works in IT, always...

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    What's the quickest you've returned/traded-in a game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2015

    Street Fighter x Tekken, after about a month from launch. The state that game launched in was an insult, and has made me far less pre-order happy ever since....

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    Which games have you pre-ordered??

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2015

    (PC) Street Fighter V That's it. Once Killer Instinct and Rise of the Tomb Raider are up for pre-order on PC I'll get those too....

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    Ss the AAA Bubble bursting?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 September 2015

    People have been saying "the AAA bubble is bursting" for years, as if it wouldn't be dead obvious when it happens. If the fall isn't swift and unambiguous, it was never a bubble....

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    Why do people think the next Zelda will be on NX?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2015

    Soundwave said: Zelda: Twilight Princess probably sold double or even triple the amount it would have had Nintendo left it on the GameCube by virtue of making a Wii version. And no, you're not a special snowflake if you're arguing Zelda U shouldn't be on NX. There were plenty of GameCube fans on the internet who were pissed about Twilight Princess being re-positioned as basically a Wii...

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    Zelda U isn't a Wii U game (prediction)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2015

    Glorious_Chicken said: I'm fairly certain they're gonna pull a Twilight Princess and release it on the Wii U and the NX. This....

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    Do you think NX will be below, equal, or above the power of PS4?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 July 2015

    Below, for sure. A more interesting question to me is whether it's weaker than the Xone, and if so then how much....

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    First Fighter You Played?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2015

    Street Fighter 2 Turbo on SNES, which was the first game I ever played at all. Been a huge fighting game fan since. Not as good as I was when I was younger though... :p...

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    An Analysis of the Video Game Market in Japan During the First Half of the Year

    in Sales Discussion on 05 July 2015

    Excellent breakdown and analysis. :)...

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    Nintendo explains why they add "Super" to Mario Maker's name.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 July 2015

    You know, that actually makes a lot of sense, LOL....

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    PS4 Might Never Have Backwards Compatibility, What Can Sony Do

    in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2015

    I honestly don't even expect them to let you play your existing games through PSNow, TBH. Running that can't be cheap, and if everyone just uses games they already have than they probably won't make enough to justify the costs. Sony won't make this a big priority....

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    Why are people not angry about Vita?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 June 2015

    Sony already said they're done with supporting the device outside of Japan, that's why....

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    Nintendo Wii U and PS Vita totally deserve what has become of them

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2015

    I agree that both systems bombing was likely a foregone conclusion...but for different reasons. To be honest, I don't know if the Vita would've done much better even if it used regular SD cards. The director of Killzone 2 and 3 stated that Liberation was a near-PS3 level investment, which likely explains why so few developers did anything of that scale or fidelity on the device. Problem was,...

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