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    LelouchViBrittania, it appears you have shown interest in racing with us in the Official MK8 Tourney tomorrow. If you are still able to attend please visit the Official MK8 Thread (http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=162055&page=1) and let me know!

    I won't be able today, sorry.

    on 31 May 2014

    I think your Lucario might be a tad too big bro!

    Yeah, the image is broken, I'll change that lol

    on 20 March 2014


    Just wanna battle for the #1?

    sorry, I was taking a nap, are you good to go now?

    on 17 February 2014


    on 17 February 2014

    add me: 1633-4322-4375

    on 17 February 2014

    Hey, are you still good in the Pokemon Tourney? Starts in about 2 hours!

    seryously? nobody told me!!!

    on 15 February 2014

    I told you '(

    on 15 February 2014

    I didn't see, sorry.

    on 15 February 2014

    It's quite alright, you made it in time!

    It's happening same time tomorrow though, so a reminder for that. Well played today, though!

    on 15 February 2014

    Tomorrow the same time I won't be able to play, can it be at night? ( it's night for me, guess it will be still afternoon for most people)

    on 15 February 2014

    Hmm, how many hours is that from now? It's currently 10PM here.

    on 15 February 2014

    Just a reminder for whenever you can make it, really!

    on 16 February 2014









    i made these for you hope u enjoy

    i found these videos of someone throwing an xbox one wii u and ps4 at the same time down 500 feet



    Get Free PSN Codes and Xbox Codes At www.facebook.com/psnxboxcodegenerator

    Get Free PSN Codes and Xbox Codes At www.facebook.com/psnxboxcodegenerator

    Dear God... that sig is horrifying.

    Blame Espurr...

    on 31 December 2013

    Here's the new Nintendomination thread you need to post in from now on:


    It's the official one.

    Check out the awesomeness of 2014:



    on 27 November 2013

    Added you on 3DS. 1547-5217-0350


    on 05 November 2013

    Is Jeffery a reliable source of PKM X/Y news?

    Scratch that it is all BS

    on 05 October 2013

    Your sig is giving my computer AIDS.

    Thanks, I guess...

    on 06 September 2013

    It had a malware warning on Google chrome, nevermind, think it's fixed now.

    on 06 September 2013

    Really? Should've been a bug, no problems here.

    on 07 September 2013

    Dat shiba be strugglin'.

    hey, Mario Kart Tournys are coming back>>> http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=164901

    Post there if your in(tag it)! This time there wont be eliminations but instead higher places will get more coins! (depending on how many racers per bracket)! Hope you join in

    First Races will begin This Sunday 5:00pm Eastern Time! Last thing Bracket 1 will be open anytime for regular races so i'll let every1 else kno to post there time to time ok.

    Ill see it later, I'm traveling right now, so I don't have access to good internet.

    on 21 July 2013

    ok, have fun

    on 21 July 2013

    you literally need 2 coins to be a star rank member


    just 1 more prediction thread lol

    Da hell, did I predict that much? I don't remember that, maybe I post while I'm sleeping...
    Well, when I have time and internet I'll do some predictions.

    on 21 July 2013

    Monster Hunter 4 top selling MH ever?


    Cut the two lower images from your signature. Please try to keep them at one "line" or so.

    Ok, sorry for the mistake. I'm fixing it Right now!

    on 26 May 2013

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013:


    Upgraded Top 16 Movies of Summer 2013:


    Star Wars Episode 7,8,9, & sides Thread:


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