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    cuberandgamer Hi! my name is Connor
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    Splatoon Weapon Tier List, Based On Actual Effectiveness! <(^_^<)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 October 2015

    AZWification said: Aerospray RG in D-Tier? I understand it's your list and all, but........... Uhh................. Yeah. The aerospray is really bad.... It just gets outclassed by pretty much everything, and its range is soo bad.... and many other weapons are better at close range combat as well....

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    Looking for people to play Splatoon with.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 August 2015

    Conegamer said:You might be better off trying in the Nintendomination thread: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=202699&page=1 However there's plenty of people who play; we normally play around this time but not today sadly. Good luck! thanks, I'll try it out...

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    Looking for people to play Splatoon with.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 August 2015

    Hey, me and my friend are looking for people to practice ranked with. My miiverse and skype are the same as my vgchartz username if you are interested. we need 6 more people...

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    AMD Falls Short of Projected Financials, In Position for Rumored Microsoft Acquisition

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 July 2015

    poroporo said:Just like SEGA, AMD needs to go away. They are not relevant companies anymore. The only reason to buy AMD would be to acquire its patent portfolio, and then dissolving the company. I disagree. AMD makes nice graphics cards, and their cpus are good too. They aren't bad and if you are short on cash then they are one of your better options for pc builds. also AMD is in...

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    Nintendo of America has dropped Plans For US Release of Devil's Third

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2015

    KingdomHeartsFan said: So NoA had no problem with releasing Sonic Boom but have a problem with this sega published that, not NoA...

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    Wii U basically averages two "big" games a year.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2015

    Goodnightmoon said: If Pikmin 3 is counted as a big game than this year it has: - Splatoon - Mario Party 10 (is gonna be a million seller this year for sure) - Super Mario Maker - Yoshi Woolly world - Xenoblade Chronicles X - Star Fox Zero You forgot about Devils 3rd... it may not sell well but it probably is a "big" game in terms of budget. its a Triple A game....

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    Source: NX "Is Definitely Not Aiming To Compete With PS4 On Horsepower"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2015

    GribbleGrunger said:After all the clues in the recent slew of Nintendo comments, it was clear to me that this would be the case. Nintendo just don't seem to get it at all. Actually it seems to be a portable console... there are android rumors, Iwata said that Nintendo will continue making Wii U games after the NX, there was a guy who worked on a mobile windows OS that is working on...

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    Monolith Soft wants to help Eiji Aonuma finish Zelda U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 July 2015

    ErikaEinhardt said:Wait which Monolith Soft?? There are 2 teams at Monolith Soft, the one that makes games and the one who doesn't :-P What does the other one do?...

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    I don't understand this Reggie quote

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 June 2015

    Esiar said:"We know the community wants to see a straight-up Metroid game. We know it." They know and do nothing. "What other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years. It’s just not the way we do things." Most companies don't actually do this. It makes Reggie look ignorant. Reggie is pretty much saying "Hey, look... We know you want...

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    Nintendo isn't ready for next gen.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 June 2015

    I want to hear more details about the NX before I agree or disagree with this. But you make good points, those were the 5 mistakes they made with the Wii U (well they made more than 5) But just because they made those mistakes with the Wii U that doesn't mean they will make them with the NX. If you look at video game history then you will see that companies have gone from last place to first...

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    Im worried about turff war

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 May 2015

    I really dont understand the thought process behind how the game choses what level you play on. you should be able to play whatever level you want whenever you want. ...

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    Black Ops 3 Coming to Wii U? *with poll*

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2015

    OUYA VERSION!!!!!!...

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    To get a 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS. What is a PlayStation fan to do.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2015

    get the new 3ds xl...

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    Prediction: UbiSoft and EA are not coming back on nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 March 2015

    Ubisoft probably will, not sure about EA though...

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    Post your single sentence idea for a video game

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2015

    A DMV simulator. you have to wait in line to get your license renewed...

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    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 March 2015

    IamTheOne4U said: no,you can use the wii u pro controller,wii classic controller,or wii classic pro controller. and probably even more that i forgot to mention. I thought you needed the gamepad to play because of the touch screen map...

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    I hope Retro Studios is working on...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2015

    Maybe Retro Studios should help the developers of Zelda U populate their open world. ...

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    What if The WiiU's rumored AAA Game is Kingdom hearts 3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2015

    shikamaru317 said: You know, I didn't think of this before, but KH3 is probably 2 years away from release. Why would Tantalus already be working on a port this early? Porting is usually a late stage process, it usually takes 6 months at most depending on the size of the porting team. Unless of course they've just been chosen as the developer to handle the port and haven't actually started...

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    What if The WiiU's rumored AAA Game is Kingdom hearts 3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2015

    Areym said:It would do very little for the Wii U, honestly. Yes but the game would still probably sell well....

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    What if The WiiU's rumored AAA Game is Kingdom hearts 3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2015

    The Wii U can handle this game. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks way more demanding than KH3 tbh. Also the new Zelda looks about as demanding (if not a little less demanding) as kingdom hearts 3 IMO. Even if the Wii U can't run KH3, the graphics could be lowered/...

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