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    Wii vs Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 October 2018

    Man!! Not even a contest to me. Wii wins hands down!!! ...

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    Nintendo Switch’s next evergreen/blue ocean title(s)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2018

    A new (not a port) 2d Mario!!...

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    July 2018 NPD: Switch #1, Octopath Traveller #1 software, UPDATE

    in Sales Discussion on 18 August 2018

    Nintendo #1 again. ...

    Write 117

    ARMS 2 Hopes and ideas

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 August 2018

    I hope Nintendo buries this weird/embarrassing looking game for good and bring back Punch Out!!...

    Write 169

    Octopath Traveler ships 1 million units (Digital included)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2018

    This game is great. It will pass 2 million with ease!...

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    Democrats Vote To Give Trump Obscene $717 Billion Mílítary Budget

    in Politics Discussion on 02 August 2018

    Good!! Trump is such a great president!! I love this administration!! Money spent on our military is money well spent!! ...

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    June 2018 NPD: PS4 #1 console, Mario Tennis Aces #1 software

    in Sales Discussion on 01 August 2018

    NES Classic got the # 1 spot...

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    Who is currently playing Octopath ?...your thoughts about it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 July 2018

    The best jrpg in many, many years. ...

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    Octopath Traveler is so popular it has sold out on Yodobashi Camera

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2018

    Preordered mine. I kinda regret that I didn’t get the collector’s edition. But I got a 20% discount on the regular edition. So......

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    Rare's vs Retro's Donkey Kong Country games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2018

    Ljink96 said: If it wasn't for DKC2 I'd say Retro. This!! ...

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    Best Nintendo Remake?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 May 2018

    Based on what I like to play, Super Mario All Stars wins with ease. But I really like Zero Mission as a remake. ...

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    PS4 Won April NPD ( PS4 > NSW > XBO)

    in Sales Discussion on 20 May 2018

    That’s the sales you get when you release software (Labo) as bad as Wii music. Labo has put a stain on the Switch. Now Nintendo has to work hard to clean that up....

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    When we should start seeing Nintendo's combined development really take effect?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 May 2018

    This is a great question. So far we’ve seen no sign of it. I hope that 2019 will be a year of massive first party support ...

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    Nintendo starts moving to a Wii-like “non-gamer” strategy for the Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2018

    I loved the early Wii era Nintendo! Wii sports was a phenomenal piece of software, but stuff like Labo is just trash. The software that comes with Labo is beyond bad the hardware is just cardboard. Nintendo needs to realize that consumers are not dumb. ...

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    Octopath Traveler May Preview Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2018

    I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this game! This game looks phenomenal!! Just beautiful!!!...

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    Ariana Grande performing on The Tonight Show with Nintendo Labo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2018

    Meh!! This bad product is unsalvageable!!...

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    Best Nintendo Sequel?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 May 2018

    Super Mario Bros. 3. Zelda 2 comes close though....

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    Labo is a huge ripoff and a waste of a great concept (so far)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2018


    Write 320

    Labo is a huge ripoff and a waste of a great concept (so far)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2018

    Labo got what it deserved: very bad sales. From being a very bad product to being advertised by the horrible, anti-children, population control freak Bill Nye the wanna be scientist guy. What a failure. It almost makes me want to sell my switch....

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    Capcom is Clowning Us!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 May 2018

    Capcom has a long history of anti-consumer practices. This is just another one. I am not buying it....

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