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    BioShock vs. System Shock

    in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago

    Xxain said: Never played either but Infinite is on the table. I'd recommend playing Bioshock first.  Don't want to spoil anything, and you can definitely get 95% of what's going on without ever playing Bioshock, but the story will be much more complete if you played Bioshock 1 first.  You can safely skip two though. ...

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    BioShock vs. System Shock

    in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago

    Hmmm... atmosphere and story wise I like Bioshock 1 the best. But the problem with that game was that there was no real penalty for death, so you were free to just charge in whacking things with a wrench till they died. Infinite made an actual penalty for death. Minor really, but enough to make you care about surviving. Never played any of the System shock games. ...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion 10 hours ago

    SpokenTruth said: JWeinCom said: I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand in a just world there definitely should be articles of impeachment.  On the other hand, this is almost certainly not going to be given real consideration in the Senate, so what end does it really serve? This is definitely the crux of the situation.  Conviction being unlikely so what do...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion 12 hours ago

    SpokenTruth said: The House Judiciary Committee has announced they will vote on 2 articles of impeachment on Dec 12th.  They will include Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. One the 12th, that vote will determine if either article or both will be sent to the full House of Representatives for a final vote.  If either article is accepted by the House, the president will...

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    What are your thoughts on CTR Nitro Fueled?

    in Gaming Discussion 14 hours ago

    Mario Kart pretty much scratches my mascot racer itch. Crash Team Racing may be better for all I know, but I feel like one mascot racer is all I need. ...

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    Why is there no thread on Crisis on infinite Earths

    in General Discussion 14 hours ago

    I dunno. I'm vaguely interested but no way I'm catching up on like 20 seasons worth of shows. ...

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    Digital Foundry Video: Final Fantasy 15 on Stadia is a Technical Disappointment - Stadia vs Xbox One X Comparison!

    in Gaming Discussion 19 hours ago

    To be fair, I was pretty disappointed on PS4 too. ...

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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake timed exclusivity period announced, 1 year timed

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

    I'll probably just wait until the whole series is done and eventually released as one game. ...

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    Rumor:PS5 & Anaconda Scarlet GPU on par with RTX 2080, Xbox exclusives focus on Cross gen, Developer complain about Lockhart.UPDATE: Windows Central said Xbox Anaconda target 12 teraflop

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    So... is there really a huge demand for playing console games in 10 minute chunks? I mean, faster load and start up times are cool in general, but is that a major selling point to you? I'm honestly asking. ...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion 3 days ago

    drinkandswim said: Joe Biden 1 billion dollars will be withheld from Ukraine unless you fire the prosecutor. He admits it himself. As a Law Student you should know that is Bribery. Offering something of value for a political action. And he admits it on tape. Ukraine is the third most corrupt Country in the world. So corrupt even the IMF cut off funding from it. Billions of dollars of US...

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    Top 12 GameCube Games Ever!

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

    I'd have flipped Eternal Darkness and RE4.  Eternal Darkness was creative and unique, but the gameplay really hasn't aged well, while RE4 is still just as good today as when it released. Darashiva said: In no particular order:-Tales of Symphonia-Super Smash Bros. Melee-Phantasy Star Online-Mario Kart: Double Dash-Gladius-Super Mario Strikers (Only with 4 players)-TimeSplitters 2 and...

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    The top 50 highest rated games on Metacritic of the decade

    in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

    I would disagree with Mass Effect 3 and Celeste, but of the games I'd played, the rest of them deserve to be there. ...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion 4 days ago

    drinkandswim said: The Constitution Article 2 Section 3 actually states it is the President’s job to make sure laws are being properly enforced. So maybe you all need to read the Constitution. Trump did nothing more than follow his oath of office. I've read the constitution plenty in law school.  The laws being referred to in that passage refer to the laws of the...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion 4 days ago

    drinkandswim said: Well most reasonable people dont think investigating corruption is a crime. Only the people that hate Trump believe that. Trump didnt need dirt on Biden. He was investigating to see if the dirt was true. Because that was the actual potential crime. Not investigating it. Plus it has not been proven that aid was held back for this investigation. Actually the OMB testified...

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    Temtem, a Poke'mon like MMO.

    in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

    Wow... that is quite shameless. ...

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    Nintendo of America: "Nintendo Switch achieves its best sales week ever in the U.S."

    in Sales Discussion 6 days ago

    colafitte said: It's really telling how stronger November has become in this gen compared to the previous ones, specially BF Week. Seeing Wii best BF only at 586k is really weird..... Retail stores are open from 10-16 hours longer then they used to be on black friday, not to mention that online retail has grown significantly.  So, not really surprising to me. ...

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    Shenmue III - 70 on Metacritic

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 December 2019

    Basically what I expected when I kickstarted. It's a game that's really targeted towards fans of the first two, and they would be disappointed if the game didn't have the same quirks as the original. Combine that with the fact that it has a generally low budget, and I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary. I expected another Shenmue, and it seems like that's exactly what we got. ...

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    Circumcision - Yes or No?

    in General Discussion on 02 December 2019

    Ugh. This is going to be a huge fight if and when I have kids since my family is Jewish. But I can't think of any good reason to mutilate a child's genitals for the sake of tradition. ...

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    Pokémon sword and shield online pve is pathetic

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 December 2019

    The problem is that people click "invite others" because it's the top option. Then they quickly click Don't invite others, cause they don't really want others. ...

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    Is Pokemon a E-Sport?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 November 2019

    mZuzek said: JWeinCom said: I think e-sports is a dumb term in general, but at least with other games you can argue it requires some reasonable amount of coordination and dexterity. If Pokemon is a sport, so is chess. Um. Yeah. Chess is a sport. I don't believe chess players have ever advocated for chess to be considered a sport. And if the term sport includes...

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