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    PS4 grabbed 50% of entire European console market this week

    in Sales Discussion on 26 November 2014

    The only sale you can judge that a console 'deserves' or doesn't deserve is your own. Acting all indignant that the market doesn't reflect your personal taste is really lolworthy....

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    Why the UK doesn’t care about Nintendo – Opinion piece

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 November 2014

    MoHasanie said:I just think UK gamers just go for the consoles that everyone is getting and is the most popular. That seems to be the biggest factor for them, not the price. Phenomenal reasoning there. How, then, does the console get popular in the first place? --   Nintendo should think about bringing back Mario Strikers....

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    Microsoft XBOX One overtakes Nintendo WiiU globally in sales (VGC)

    in Sales Discussion on 21 November 2014

    So sad :(...

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    Alleged Ex-Ubisoft Employee Talks About His Experience

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 November 2014

    reddit post as a source lol...

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    October 2014 NPD Thread!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 November 2014

    Deeds said: We should create a new name for NPD. Numbers Permanently Disabled. Ba Dum Tss. LMAO! Neogaf Permitted Discourse...

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    XB1 will win November NPD, and that's what it deserves

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 November 2014

    The market decides what the console deserves. I think it will win too. Has too much going for it this month that appeals directly to that market....

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    New Final Fantasy XV gameplay videos ! ( Leak Paris Games Week)

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 October 2014

    They've completely surpassed my expectations for the open world....

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    WiiU Overtracked, 300k+, Xbox One-Wii U gap down to 550k?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 October 2014

    KLAMarine said: outlawauron said: Ignornance of how sales work with gaming media leads to even more confusion. I find it extremely frustrating. Hence why I almost never bother with sales threads. Well you've come to the right site. ...

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    X1 available for $350 in the US this holiday season & $50 slashed off every bundle (starts Nov 2nd)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 October 2014

    sully1311 said: Just nicked this off GAF: November: XB1 launches March: Titanfall, the biggest MS exclusive of the year, bundled free with every XB1 purchase. Bundle temporarily drops to $450 April: Forza 5 bundled for free May: XB1 gets a new $399 SKU, removes Kinect, for June. August: Madden bundled for free, FIFA and Forza bundled for free. September: get a free game on top of bundled...

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    Resolution doesn't sell games, says Far Cry 4 dev - 1080p debate is a "weird echo chamber"

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 October 2014

    He's either saying dumb things for PR reasons or has the reasoning capabilities of a 13 year old. ...

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    Blatant font copying - what is Sony's inference?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 October 2014

    Amazing. I hope it's intentional. Begun, the font wars have. ...

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    evil within metacritic (76 on PS4)...i.e. if this game was made a decade ago...

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 October 2014

    So it sounds like the game tries too hard to be the sort of game Sal.Paradise wants to play. Salp.Paradise is pleased....

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    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Will Run at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 October 2014

    wary-wallaroo said: From Gaf. Goes to show the difference between the two companies. Beautiful. ...

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    Assassin’s Creed Dev Says Industry Is Dropping 60fps

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 October 2014

    Ass Creed dev has no idea what he's talking about...

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    Can Xbox One Outsell Wii U as Soon as November??

    in Sales Discussion on 08 October 2014

    I hope not. Seeing Xbox and Wii U fans going at it is too fun. ...

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    Assassin's Creed Unity is 900p/30fps on both PS4 & Xbox One 'to avoid all the debates and stuff'

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 October 2014

    CGI-Quality said:Come on, guys. The title is called: "UNITY"! Y'all failed this test! :-( It also says ass in the title. Twice. ...

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    Assassin's Creed Unity is 900p/30fps on both PS4 & Xbox One 'to avoid all the debates and stuff'

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 October 2014

    Shameful. Sort of glad they said it straight up though, for those doubting this practice existed. ...

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    PS4 £330 In The UK

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 September 2014

    Amazon are getting desperate. ...

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    Xbox One has another price cut in UK! Now £329.99

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 September 2014

    100 quid cheaper within the year. Goodness. The UK did have the worst launch price of all though. ...

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    FF XV : Very impressive gameplay and one hour démo !

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2014

    The video http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x26a1ww_ffxvtgs14demo_videogames...

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