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< BraLoD posted something on bananaking21's wall:

GoW is getting close... yay or nay?

Yay Definitely. though i honestly would prefer a new IP from them. i feel GoW's main story is done for. i guess we will see.

i do wonder, if it is GoW, then what will they do with the franchise, more of the same? or will they try something new?

6 days ago

Well, they tried, but the game was scrapped, a shame we don't get to judge wheter it was good or not.
GoW 3 has kinda of an open ending, when you think Kratos died you see he did not, but the Greek mythos is already too used, the big guys were taken away, so if Kratos can keep being the protagonist or not this can still be open to discussion, but there should be another mythos, because even as the world was in chaos and it just can't be as epic as it was on 3, it would end being another ascension that people would overlook. They can try to connect the mythos though, so after Kratos slayed the greek ones, there were born the other ones into that chaos, like the eyptian ones, so Kratos could now the fighting for libertation, he has hope now, he could star turning into a good guy and not pure walking anger... but to be honest that could ruin it, Kratos being THE badass was really cool xP
Let's see how SM deals with it, my jaw is ready to be dropped!

6 days ago

Kratos being alive or not doesnt really matter. IMO it was all in your post why the story is pretty much done for. they had that "final fight". it simply cant be any more epic than it already was.

IMO they should go for another protagonist. making Kratos go soft would SUCK. (they tried that in Ascension and it just didnt pan out). he is a BAD ASS. let him be that way.

they should go with another protagonist, and let it be a time after GoW 3's ending. time passed, a completely new story, new enemies and new hero.

6 days ago

Yeah, but throwing another angry char could also backfire, if he'll be Kratos 2.0, with just another skin, wouldn't change that much.

There seems to be no easy solution to GoW, it may have big chances of getting really bashed by SM just keep doing the same stuff, so yeah, SM should be doing another thing now, but I do wonder how will they try to present this new GoW for us.

As much as I want more from what SM does, and I really do, maybe this can't sustain itself anymore, specially with how harsh reviewers have become from last gen to this one.

Well, fuck reviews, I just want to be bathed in epicness once again xD

6 days ago

the problem isnt really reviews. its also the fans. the thing is, it was a near perfect triology. i remember when i saw the ending of 2, i went NUTTS.

"The Beginning of the End" and you knew what GoW3 was going to be, it was going to be killing those mother fuckers one by one. it was the BEST cliff hanger i ever seen in any sort of media. and IMO GoW3 delivered, specially with that opening sequence, which IMO was THE BEST opening sequence in any game ever.

the problem is, you cant create more of the same, because its epic scale just cant be recreated. that was the problem with ascension, that grand scheme just wasnt there. it was great, yeah we fought bad ass monsters, but it wont be like fighting Hades, Zues and Ares. and frankly, nothing ever will

even other mythologies will be lame in comparison.

6 days ago

< Carl2291 posted something on bananaking21's wall:

Somewhat late, but congrats on the 20,000 posts milestone.

lol thanks? i didnt even notice it myself.

on 23 October 2015

< Wright posted something on bananaking21's wall:

Hey, man, how are you doing. Everything alright?

im well. wbu?

on 23 October 2015

Good as well. Can't complain. Uni is a drag, but life is good.

on 25 October 2015

< Wright posted something on bananaking21's wall:

Did you know that Geralt of Rivia isn't actually from Rivia?

shut your whore mouth

on 08 October 2015


But it's the truth!

on 08 October 2015

< ReimTime posted something on bananaking21's wall:

Interested in a Rocket League tournament?

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Rise of Tomb Raider XBox1 = sales dud of the year?

in Sales Discussion 10 hours ago

In the UK yes so far Lets wait for NPD before judging in the USA. Im sure this will have a 90% digital ratio as well....

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Halo 5 : "Industry sources support our belief that Halo 5 digital sales were much closer to half of units than the 20-25% GameStop is suggesting."

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kowenicki said: What a very long and unnessecary rant, wow, calm down pal. Where do I say it sold 50%? Where do I support the notion that it sold 50%? I was merely pointing out why Gamestop have a vested interest in the status quo and how they didnt actually say anything.  they inferred soemthing from sources. Tthats all. By the way I do have a strong sense of honesty and...

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God Of War 4 Teased? (I Think So!)

in Sony Discussion 16 hours ago

awesome! thats a hell of a tease. they better deliver. ...


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