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    < BraLoD posted something on bananaking21's wall:

    Would you just step the fuck up and get Nioh already?

    Stop complaing over shooters not being on my list and go play an actual good game for a change, dammit!

    < BraLoD posted something on bananaking21's wall:

    Yesterday I almost bought Doom, but then I made a better decision and bought nothing.


    on 26 May 2017


    on 26 May 2017

    Sounds like something people would often do with LoD :P

    on 26 May 2017

    I don't think so
    Either people just don't bother or they go and get it xP

    on 26 May 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on bananaking21's wall:

    Do you really want to take over the PS thread or are you joking there, bananakid?

    Sure why not? It would be good to have all you bitches as my slaves

    on 17 May 2017

    By all of you do you mean nobody? Sure.

    on 17 May 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on bananaking21's wall:

    Ready to try Nioh?

    < BraLoD posted something on bananaking21's wall:

    Played a bit of Horizon and I think I'll disable most of the visual stuff on screen (already made it dinamic, but I have test it too littler after that.

    There is too much info on screen, I want to explore it by myself, the trail following function I'll still use, but I want to look at a clean screen of that gorgeous world and get to know every corner by myself, like RDR.

    Also, I can't wait to be able to tame those horse-like robots, running is not the best way to travel, I need a mount.

    i put most of it on Dynamic. but i like the info on screen. at first i thought it was too much, but later on i realized i used them all.

    and yeah mounts help, but i like to run around, its super fun.

    on 23 March 2017

    I've been enjoying it way more with everything dynamic and the guide bar always off, it made me want to explore way more by myself and pay more attention in the details on the map itself.
    About the mounts, I'm rarely using them, mostly because I like to explore slowly so I won't miss much, and they let you way to easy to detect for the other bots, I'll mostly only use them to go back to places I already went to.

    The sidequests have been the only week part of the game up until now, just trivial stuff, but I'm still fairly early in the game, and the last sidequest I found I actually liked it.

    on 23 March 2017

    the side quests are good, but not great. sometimes the story and dialogue in them feels rushed. but overall they do add more to the game, and most of them are pretty fun.

    on 23 March 2017

    The one I liked was about a damaged device in the peak of a ice mountain that tamed the machines near there and a tribe built a camp there with the machines, that was the last one I made, and it's still on the first third of the map, so they might get better later, as this one was already nice.
    I'm spending A DAMN LOT of time going everywhere, trying to climb everything, to look at everything, reading everything I find, so I'm going really slow with the progression of the game.
    I'm liking the game overall pretty much about the same as I did Red Dead Redemption, somethings better (combat, world, items) something less (overall story and quests, but as I'm still fairly early, it might change, as the lore in Horizon is miles better),
    Even so, I'm still not feeling it as a 10/10, as I did for RDR back then, the story really weights on me, but until I beat it I can't know for sure, there was still no major twists were I am, so there is that xD

    on 23 March 2017

    to me its a 9.5/10 so far. however as i told you before release, it wont be as refined as it could have been. just some small details that happen sometimes feel cheap. the story is good, but its not the best. but i havent finished it yet either.

    yeah that mission is also my favorite side mission too. i still have some more to do though so we will see how it fairs. some side missions are pretty good, some others are ok.

    the combat and machines however are the star of the show. its just extremely fun to run into a new type of machine, and go head to head with it. exploring the world due to that is fun. of course there are other reason why exploring is fun, but that alone makes it really awesome.

    combat is so fucking satisfying. its just amazing. gameplay is the best i played in an open world game.

    on 23 March 2017

    Combat and enemies design are brilliant, if it had a Naughty Dog level of narrative... 15/10 wouldn't be enough xP
    I'm really liking it as it is, I think it's also around a 9.5 by now, for me.

    Anyway, it's still not better than Nioh, and I dunno if it'll be able to be, honestly, the GOTG shall remains at Nioh's hands.

    on 23 March 2017

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    A little milestone that people have not noticed - the PS4 has outsold the NES

    in Sales Discussion 43 minutes ago

    AlfredoTurkey said: When you consider the market difference between 1985 and 2013, it's not really that impressive. It's like comparing revenue for movies and not adjusting for inflation. The NES selling 60 million units in the climate it launched in is like the PS4 selling 300 million units. ...

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    EU PSN DLC compatible with USA PSN games?

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    Nop. It won't work. Don't try it. By a mistake that was not my own, I bought TW3 dlc from an region 2 account on a USA cd. It didn't work....

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    Official PS Community Reborn!!!Welcome back to Hometown this summer-Jak is back-Persona almost here!!!

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    StokedUp said: Does anybody here still play ForHonor? I bought it last week, i quite like it but I'm absolutely pathetic online I just get destroyed every time haha I do!!!!!    We can team up!   I love it.   Which character are you playing with?...


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