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< Zisbest posted something on Nem's wall:

Haha, wanted to write on your wall for a long time because your avatar is quite epic. :P (I hope you don't mind me being a shameless rip-off) Do you like Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn?

Yes, i do! I had a path of radiance avatar for the longest time until Wright convinced to update it. Ike is quite cool.

on 19 February 2015

Well, it's just that Ike's my main in Smash 4 and unfortunately fell in a fierce Smash tourney battle. :/ Actually, Ike is the reason I started playing Path of Radiance wich is a great game.

on 19 February 2015

Yeah, its a cool character design. The whole Fire emblem series is filled with great characters. The shining force series was good aswell, but SEGA...

on 19 February 2015

(So it was you who wrote something? Damn, notifications system glitching again...) You're very right about the character design. In my opinion every character from the series is very interesting, given that they pretty much all have a back story and can form new bonds through the support system. (That replay value. Not to mention, the sprites just look awesome lol) I'm very thankful I got to play FE: The Sacred Stones on my 3ds when the ambassador programme came along. It introduced me to the concept and got me really interested in the series. As said, I'm currently stuck with Ike's story and I'll then move on to Awakening probably.

on 19 February 2015

< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Nem's wall:

So is the Ike Fire Emblem games good conpared to Awakrning?

Wow... spammed a bit there didnt you? ^^
The Fire Emblem games with Ike Path and Radiant are both quite good. But, i am usure as they compare to awakening because i am ashamed to admit i havent gotten around to playing further than the first few battles.
The Ike games are more traditional in wich when characters die, they die for good. Aside from that the characters are quite good and Radiant was a very good sequal that puts a smile in your face.
If the graphics arent a holdback, its a good sub-series to delve into.

on 16 February 2015

< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Nem's wall:

So is the Ike Fire Emblem games good conpared to Awakrning?

< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Nem's wall:

So is the Ike Fire Emblem games good conpared to Awakrning?

< Wright posted something on Nem's wall:

Merry Christmas, Nem!

Merry Christmas Wright. :)

on 26 December 2014

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Nintendo should wise up and turn The Last Story into one of biggest RPG franchises

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

Sorry, but i completely disagree. The last story is an extremely boring game with hardly any gameplay. When attacking is done only by moving your character towards the enemy and he auto attacks and all the moves you got is to place a circle on the ground on what are tight envyronment very often felt like a colossal waste of time. I am totally not interested in a sequal unless it completely...

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BBC Gaming Expert: "Nintendo will abandon Wii U soon"

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

The barren landscape that gives me Xenoblade X is the best i could ask. I guess even newspapers host trolls these days. That name aswell......

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Kojima, What Really happened: SOLVED!

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

DakonBlackblade said:What happens to Silent Hills is all I realy care about right now. KP wont be developing it. Kojima wont be directing it. Konami will either make a new team or outsource the development. Del Toro's involvement will depend on signed contracts. Its dead....


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