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< Thunderbird77 posted something on Nem's wall:

Excuse me, you seem rather adamant on those posts, even though there is information against it. Yes, people claiming NX is 100% a home console aren't thinking. But there is the distinct possibility that it is, releasing either 2016 or 2017.

NX could also be codename for both the 3ds and wii u successors, even though they're separate hardware.

You also seem to repeat that "nintendo said NX wont be a replacement for wii u". Nintendo said it's not s SIMPLE replacement. They always say that when the machine has a new comcept but it will replace something.

I don't know what else it is you are seeing in my posts, but i seem to agree with what you just said. I don't contest that a new system can release this year. I don't know what it is though, but i do believe that the chance it is a sucessor to the Wii U is more unlikely than something completely different or a sucessor to the 3DS.

on 03 January 2016

it just seems you were denying a home console at all costs. Anyway, I am almost sure nintendo will unveil the sucessors for 3ds and Wii U next year and one or both will release in 2016.

on 03 January 2016

I don't deny the possibility, but i think it is the less probably outcome that it will be a sucessor to the Wii U. I really don't see where your assurance comes from, but you're entitled to your opinion. Reveal? I can see it happening. Release? I just don't see where they got the resources.

on 03 January 2016

I don't see what's stopping them from releasing a new home console next year. those things are planned for a long time and the possibility is there.

on 03 January 2016

I made that case on the thread. I am sure they have it planned ofc, because its done years in advance. But just 2 years ago i'm sure they weren't planning to replace the Wii U that just launched. I think 2017 is the only reasonable earliest time they can deliver the software to it. I am convinced that thats what they are doing. But, we will find out. I am sure they also had plans for the sucessor of the 3DS already in place that play into all this aswell.
I would be amazed if they managed to make next-gen software for it to come out later this year.
I won't deny the possibility, but i find it very unlikely. I think that if they do, they will deliver rushed software and will have trouble supporting it the following year. I don't know how this makes any business sense.

on 03 January 2016

there are several studios that ended their wii u projects in 2014 and 2013, they can totally have games ready hor 2016 and 2017.

on 03 January 2016

but you're free to think it's unlikely.

on 03 January 2016

Studios capable of HD development? Capable of mext-gen development in 2 years? These studios need to have more than 100 people working on those games. Besides retro i don't see what other Nintendo studio capable of doing this is.

on 03 January 2016

totally wrong. Only super games need 100+ people, I think just zelda U is using that many. the studios that made wii u games now have the knowhow for HD development, so it should take 2-3 years for most projects.

on 03 January 2016

Sure, but you are talking about next-gen development. Have you seen many ps4 games that have teams of less than 100 people? Though i agree it could be done for smaller games, but with no less than 50 people. But, wich teams are there that have had 2-3 years to focus solely on NX development? Because retro is the only one i see. 3D mario team will have had 2 years, but the rest is on less than that (these dates at the end of the year).
Are we also jumping to the conclusion that Nintendo is gonna drop portable development ditching a 35m market? Do you see why none of this adds up? Surely Nintendo can't be this reckless. They have to have a better plan.

on 03 January 2016

Also, don't forget that NX development kits can't possibly have been handed out before the later months of the year. The engines still have to be built up. I don't see Nintendo supporting Unreal 4.

on 03 January 2016

why would they drop portable development? have you seen the 3ds 2015 and 2016 lineups? nintendo is already working on next gen handheld games for a while. many studios for many games. plus, we don't know about third party exclusives.

Nintendo had the studios and time for 3-4 launch titles late 2016 and then keep going.

on 03 January 2016

So, you say they will have 3-4 next-gen NX titles for launch this year and more next year while also developing portable titles for the next-gen portable. I must confess, if Nintendo can pull that off, i will be well impressed. We shall see. I'm not holding my breath though.

on 03 January 2016

< Wright posted something on Nem's wall:

Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

Thanks Wright! For you aswell! :)

on 28 December 2015

< zorg1000 posted something on Nem's wall:

The thread got locked but I'm still wanting to hear what u have to say about my response to you.

"Wait, so Wii U in its current state is a better console than Wii to you?

No, they never said that, ur making stuff up."

For me, it is. Yes. I never even got a Wii. Didnt interest me at all with the motion controls.

on 26 December 2015

Really? Trying something new prevented u from playing a bunch of amazing games?

on 26 December 2015

The ones that interested me i got with the Wii U backwards compatibility.
I did play Fire emblem radiant dawn, Xenoblade and sadly the terrible the last story.

on 26 December 2015

< noname2200 posted something on Nem's wall:

Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

< mimilove posted something on Nem's wall:

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Realistically Does the Console NX Have Any Chance Against PS4/XB1?

in Gaming Discussion 12 hours ago

No. But the NX isnt a home console (if its set to come out this year). For their next home console they have to aim to come out at the same time as the PS5 and XO2 with a similar ammount of process power. Anything less and they don't have any chance. Or... They aim towards the casual market again with a Wii "2". Soundwave said: I almost wonder if NX is going to be some kind of...

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So, Splatoon moved more consoles than DK Tropical Freeze

in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago

Einsam_Delphin said: Nem said: Err... you do realise the data gives MP3 higher sales? Thats what the "data"shows. So you are the one ignoring it, or making up excuses that is... I'm just gonna hope that you really aren't paying attention and thought we were comparing MP3 to DKCTF. LOL Are you serious? You quoted me remember? You started an argument with me over...

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Fire Emblem Fates will have English voice only

in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago

Roronaa_chan said: Nem said: I'm surprised Awakening had. I never even noticed. The thing is, portable games have storage limitations. To include those tracks they need to drive up the costs. Its simply not worth it. Its different from a Bluray disc. A lot of Vita games have it. In fact, there are Vita ports of PS3 games which have it while the original versions, on blu...


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