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    Lawsuit filed against Nintendo over Switch’s detachable controllers

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 August 2017

    Reminds me of this...

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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition Metascore Prediction - 92 Meta and 92,32% GR

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2017


    Write 65

    Rate the April 12th Nintendo Direct!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 April 2017

    7.8/10 Too much water Really though, solid direct with lots of small tidbits. Was pleasantly surprised by the Payday announcement!...

    Write 17

    Games with Gold April bring Ryse, assassins creed, darksiders and others.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 March 2017

    Darksiders! Heard it's comparable to Zelda somewhat? If so, that alone makes this a great month haha...

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    Do you have gaming memories that you miss? I'm covered in feels right now!

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2017

    Playing Halo demo and Age of Empires III in secondary school was lovely, although I never knew what my homework was at the end of my lessons......

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    Dragon Quest XI: PS4/Switch Japan, Which Will Sell More Lifetime? (Read OP)

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2017

    PS4, though it will probably be close because Japan loves their portables....

    Write 229

    Horizon: Zero Dawn worldwide sales top 2.6 million (sell-through)

    in Sony Discussion on 16 March 2017

    Wow that's great! Seems like doing something that's not Killzone was the right decision then...

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    BEFORE Breath of The Wild?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 March 2017

    Phantom Hourglass. One of my favorite games and one I frequently grab to kill a little time with now and then. Shoot me....

    Write 552

    Jim Sterling’s site under attack after Zelda: BotW review

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2017

    It's only his opinion right? I mean, not everyone is going to like the same games, of course some reviewers are not going to like it as well... No need to attack anyone...

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    Persona 5 gets 10/10 in first western review

    in Sony Discussion on 12 March 2017

    Exciting times for all of us, so many good games releasing...

    Write 89

    PS4: Nioh Sells In 1 million WW (Shipments + Digital)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 March 2017

    BraLoD said: Toxicspikes said: Haven't played, but from what I've seen and heard those sales are well deserved. Hope it continues to sell well and congratulations to the developers :) It actually deserves so much more XD And with this positive reception it will probably sell so much more as well!...

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    PS4: Nioh Sells In 1 million WW (Shipments + Digital)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 March 2017

    Haven't played, but from what I've seen and heard those sales are well deserved. Hope it continues to sell well and congratulations to the developers :)...

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    List your "10/10" games.

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 March 2017

    Age of Empires 2 Paper Mario Pokemon Crystal Halo: Combat Evolved 1999-2001 was GOLD, as was 2007-2008 Honorable mentions:Super Mario 64Sonic Adventure 2Pokemon EmeraldThe Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassHalo 3Super Mario GalaxySaints Row 2Fable 2...

    Write 74

    Taylor Swift is a rock and roll legend <3

    in Music Discussion on 05 March 2017

    I agree with you in that her popularity and status makes her a legend of sorts. Rock and roll though? Definitely not. A pop legend? Sure! It's not like one of those is better than the other, it's just the kind of music involved....

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    Is Breath of the Wild really that good?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2017

    I don't know if it's worth the 98, but definitely a 90+ game and a must-have if you own a Wii U or a Switch. Don't think it's worth buying a Switch for yet though ;)...

    Write 40

    Shovel Knight coming to Switch, to be renamed Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Price Raise for all platforms)

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2017

    KLXVER said: Ultrashroomz said: Absolutely disgusting. What is? CauliflowerOT: Nice to see Switch getting more games I guess, but yet another port won't pull new customers in right...

    Write 66

    Do you like Nickelback?

    in Music Discussion on 11 January 2017

    I don't usually skip their songs when they pop up in a playlist, but nothing more than that tbh....

    Write 91

    What will be the first game of the new year for you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2017

    Just played some Halo 5 :)...

    Write 115

    Yooka-Laylee launches April 11th, Wii U version cancelled, most likely coming to Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 December 2016

    Well, I guess it's good I bought an Xbone then? Really sucks for people who only have a WiiU though, it looks like a really fun game...

    Write 49

    My plan to make Xbox Great Again!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2016

    Darwinianevolution said: Age of Empires is a game that desperately needs to be on a PC. You take away the mouse and keyboard controlls, change them for a controller, and you won't have near the amount of controll needed to play a X4 such as this. And if you alter the gameplay to fit the new controll setting, it won't be AoE anymore. While I agree with this... Halo Wars was a good...

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