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< DélioPT posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

Got my message? Do you want the code for 3DS?

Oh hi! I I haven't been all that active here the last few weeks (conquering Europe is a lot of work #EUIV). I didn't get any message at all =/ What 3DS code?

12 hours ago

I was about to give you that Smash 3DS code to try out the demo, but when you didn`t answer i gave it to someone else. Sorry.

11 hours ago

what?! NOOOOOO! Foolish me for not being around here more often =( Damnit, I'll stop gaming and just hang out here from now on! :D well, thanks for at least considering giving me that code =) how are you enjoying it so far??

11 hours ago

I`m not. I don´t have a 3DS. :)
But don`t worry, it seems the codes were only for early acess. I think you`ll be able to download the demo soon.


11 hours ago

Whaaaa-?! How can you not have a 3DS? :P

11 hours ago

I had one until recently, but i always end up not playing them anymore. So, like always, i sold it.
Handhels are great for a while but then... i prefer home consoles.

10 hours ago

< Mr Puggsly posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

"Wouldn't you if a neighboring country invaded yours and occupied your territory and then went on to surpress you? I'd be throwing rocks as well! Neither side is "gooder" or "eviler" than the other in this conflict."

No, throwing rocks won't resolve anything.

I actually do feel Israel is the lesser evil. Palestine wants violence, not diplomacy.

That's a pretty ignorant thing to say. Throwing rocks won't solve anything, but neither will occupying a country and a people and forcing them to live in misery. Palestinians don't want violence. Of course they don't! They wanna live in peace. Hamas, on the other hand... But I don't think they see any other options right now. And Israel isn't a stranger to use violence either.

on 05 September 2014

First all, if anything is ignorant it was you justifying the rock throwing.

I don't think Israel is forcing people to live in misery. I mean Israel does have a large Arab population and it seems their goal is to live peacefully on that land.

The Jews aren't leaving that land and Hamas is getting many innocent people killed. Diplomacy could save a lot of lives but Palestine isn't interested. War isn't making that situation any better.

on 05 September 2014

I wasn't justifying the rock throwing, only giving a pretty legitimate reason as to way they did so. You said in your original statement that the Palastines did so because they hated jews, and I mearly pointed out that it might have nothing to do with religion or that Palastines are some kind of people.

people are living like shit in Gaza, and that's pretty much all Israels doing.

While Hamas is a horrible organization it's also a sign that the Palastines have lost faith in democracy.I whole heartedly agree that democracy is the way to go, but Israel is still occupying territory which isn't theirs. The UN has more or less said that Israel neess to honor the boarders from '68, and yet they don't. That should give you some idea as to what Israel thinks of democracy.

don't blame it all on the Palastines, sinve there's two in this conflict. Palastine isn't any saint of any sort, but you make it sound as if they're solely to blame.

on 05 September 2014

If the Palestinian people would try to live peacefully the people Israel, quality of life would improve for everyone.

The Jews ain't leaving so Palestine has two options. Keep the war going and see many more innocent people die or look for diplomacy. But we both know Palestine does not want to bend for the Jews for religious reasons.

I'm sure the Mexican people weren't happen to lose land to the US. Now many Mexicans give everything to live in the US because quality of life here is better.

on 05 September 2014

Hey, I'm all for a one state solution - but I don't think that'll happen any time soon. Or ever. But like you said, people need to put a side their religion - and that goes for the Jews as well. There's some pretty hardcore orthodox Jews out there. But the Palastines can't be the only ones compromising, Isrealites need to do that as well, like don't build houses on occupied territory.

Both sides need to cave on certain issues.

on 07 September 2014

< Shizuko posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

Hello again it's been while :D

Upgraded to the PS4 yet?!

Hello hello! Yes it's been far too long ago since we last talked :) everything well with you?

No, I haven't , but my brother has. As of right now, PS4 has no games I want. Well, no exclusives that is ;) I much rather get a Wii U and upgrade my PC. Have you bought a PS4?

on 05 September 2014

Society is what's wrong with me ^^
I'm fine :)

Bought PS4 at launch, it's fun but really are no games right now Wolfenstein The New Order is my favorite game so far of 2014 but that's it right now until The Phantom Pain. Wii U :D

on 05 September 2014

Well, go out and change it then! ;)

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of shooters so Wolfenstein isn't all that exciting for me ^^ I much rather prefer Nintendo games, and playing third parties on my PC. I've quite recently started to play State of Decay. Quite fun, but a lot of my time has been sunk into EUIV ;)

on 05 September 2014

Shooters don't really interest me either but Wolfenstein is an exception... a grand one.

Nintendo^^ !!!

on 07 September 2014

Yeah my bro really likes it =) But I'm busy conquering Europe in Europa Universalis at the moment ;)

12 hours ago

< bananaking21 posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

well i digged up the thread i remember that brought this subject up.


i would advise reading the comments of the guys who left as why they left, after all, they know best as to why they did what they did.

Thank you! I'll have a read :) didn't know baddie had left and never heard the reason as to why my fellow Scandinavian left

on 08 August 2014

no problemo. considering i know pretty much everything that happened ask me what ever you want, but do it in a PM.

also, guess who got engaged?

on 08 August 2014

YOU got engaged!? With that slutty girl you said you'd hook me up with I hope? ;) well congratz!!

on 08 August 2014

LOL!! no i didnt. but she did xD no idea how!

on 08 August 2014

Whaaaaa?! SHE got engaged before I had the chance to do her pooper? What a... well, pooper ;) now I kinda feel like my pm starts off a little dumb ^^

on 08 August 2014

< spurgeonryan posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

you post in the most random of threads these days. When I even see you at all.

Yeah, I'm mostly just lurking these days and posts in random threads. I kinda realized that it's no good trying to argue certain points with people. I kinda don't have anything to contribute with nowadays

on 08 August 2014

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Scotland to leave the UK?

in Politics Discussion 11 hours ago

Anyways, anyone wanna explain fast and simple why the Scots wanna be independent all of a (not so) sudden?...

Write 86

Scotland to leave the UK?

in Politics Discussion 11 hours ago

Speaking of Independence or to NOT be independent... I would love to see a Scandinavian Union! Bring back the Kalmar Union I tell ya!...

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Sony To Post $2 Billion+ Loss

in Sony Discussion 11 hours ago

fps_d0minat0r said: It is crap. Like the other person said, people have been saying that for 5 years already, and I can see them continue to chat crap for another 5 years when Sony WILL still be around and PS4 will still be leading and they will also have successful phones and cameras, and a handheld too. If you are so confident, do you want to bet on it? They are in debt, but not all...


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