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< Scizor_99 posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

I'm curious: what do you think about the next Nintendo handheld being a smartphone/ds hybrid?

Nintendo Fusion Phone; Price - $200-250 at launch.

I would have Android featues like the Play store and such, but still linked to the next Nintendo home console, 720p graphics, dual analog, cross-buy, etc. It would differentiate itself from smartphones by having Nintendo exclusives both new and old, alongside your usual smartphone.

Hey! Thanks for FR!

If it's done right, it's not a bad idea at all - but knowing Nintendo they'd just go and eff it up. The problem is that they don't have the experience necessary to make a (good) phone, so they would have to team up with someone.

I would buy a Nintendo phone (if it's any good that is), but how many else would? Probably the Nintendo die hard fans, but would iPhone users really ditch their phones just so they could play Nintendo games on the go? I'm not too sure.

And I guess you're kind of thinking it would be something like this: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2011/02/2-13-11-xperiaplay.png ?

on 03 April 2014

I definitely expect that Nintendo would need to get outside developer support considering their inexperience with other types of products and industry standards in general. However, it's something I see them doing given their recent change in policy. If Pokemon can appear on official FIFA world Cup jerseys, Google can make a Pokemon challenge for April fools, and Tecmo Koei can develop a Zelda spinoff, I don't see why Nintendo wouldn't do a collaboration if it means a product that can compete against the encroachment of (standard) smartphones.

If gaming handhelds indeed become more and more niche, Nintendo's going to have to do something special otherwise they'll be limiting themselves almost exclusively to a core gaming market which is seeming to increasingly prefer consoles and PC everywhere but Japan. My worry is that an innovation like VR or cross-compatibility could end up being viewed by the public as a "useless gimmick" or something that just isn't worth the extra investment. It could be a 2DS situation where the feature gets shoved under the table or it could couple with the shrinking handheld market and become very much like the Wii U.And that could be the end of handhelds right there.

I believe a Nintendo phone could open up to new consumers by positioning itself as a phone that gives up some of the features that high-end phones for a massive, quality game library. You get Angry Birds, Candy Crush and an HD Pokemon/Mario/Zelda on the same device. I think that's pretty compelling. Kids might actually want this thing instead a typical smartphone, and parents might be more likely to spend money on it. If such a product is successful, cross-buy with the next console could actually improve the sales and reception of that machine, rather than the handheld seeming like an optional app for the console (much like the situation with the PS4 and the PSVita.

As for the design, I would actually suggest sticking with the dual screens (either clamshell or sliding screens). This would keep the classic design while allowing for B/C. It might be weird, but the original DS was one of the weirdest products I'd ever seen, and look how that turned out.

BTW: LOL this was pretty long-winded. Do you think I should just make a thread off this?

on 03 April 2014

Haha yeah, that was pretty long ^^ I'll give you a short answer straight away, and then give a longer one a bit later. Should you make this into a thread? I don't know. We already have the "what do you want from Nintendos next handheld" - you could post it there for responses. We've already had this kind of discussion from time to time, so I'm not sure if it needs to be addressed again. If you do make a thread, ask ppl who they think Nintendo should team up with, how strong this phone would have to be, what Nintendo would have to do to get ppl interested in it.

on 03 April 2014

The problem with collaborating with others with their next HW is money. Who spends how much, and who gets how much of the profits? Nintendo's collaboration with both Sony and Phillips fell through in the 90's...

But I agree with you that Nintendo is facing troubles with their next handheld... It's fast becoming a niche market and they need to attract new costumers, but how that's done I don't know. I just don't know if a phone is the right way to go. Maybe.

on 03 April 2014

< spurgeonryan posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

you have a wii u?

No, sadly I don't... not yet, I'll have to get one sooner or later! It's starting to get a pretty good library now.

and how come star fox 64 3d is lame?

on 17 March 2014

Because it almost was an exact port of the n64 game. just no n64 controller, no rumble pack.......would you have enjoyed goldeneye more on a handheld or console?

on 17 March 2014

Good point ^^ I did feel like the screen was a bit to small when I played it... But I don't think that the rumble pack would have made it better.

on 17 March 2014

yes! it did .

on 17 March 2014

< ninetailschris posted something on DanneSandin's wall:

I believe it is communistic like it has a long way to go to become actually communistic.

My paper was on the danger that Sweden faces. That means I believe it isn't there yet.

And what dangers are those? You've mentioned the homeschooling problem, but what else is there? Might I remind you that Sweden did very well during the economic crisis that swept the world...

on 07 March 2014

< DanneSandin updated his status:

What's so great with Star Fox 64? After all that hype, I gotta admit that I'm a bit disappointed...

I guess it was the Rumble Pack at the time, I don't know. The game was good, but nothing special.

on 05 March 2014

Yeah, I'm playing it on my 3DS right now, and I don't get why people loves it so much. There's nothing special about it. It mostly frustrates me. This is probably the only Nintendo game I've ever played where the controls aren't as tight as one would like...

on 05 March 2014

It's short but sweet! It's just a rail shooter so yeah it's nothing too special but there are lots of ways to finish stages and different routes to take. It's a good game overall, just nothing too impressive.

on 05 March 2014

Yeah, I was kinda expecting... more ^^ kinda like with Uncharted :P overhyped ^^

on 05 March 2014

Yup, overhyped game! But not that bad overall! It's the only great game in the series so if you beat Star Fox 64 then you are pretty much done with the series.

on 05 March 2014

I hope Nintendo can update the whole series for the 21st Century! I see potential in it

on 05 March 2014

Yup, a modern Star Fox game could be potentially awesome. But it's Nintendo, so whatever makes sense, they will make sure to do the opposite.

on 05 March 2014

Yeah, Nintendo will do whatever they want without any regards for would could actually work well for them.

on 05 March 2014

3DS version is lame. thats why.

on 16 March 2014

< DanneSandin updated his status:

Tomb Raider is really doing everything right!

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