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< Fusioncode I'm finally a hunter. Now the ladies will find me irresistible.
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< Fusioncode updated his status:

I'm finally a hunter. Now the ladies will find me irresistible.

< Carl2291 posted something on Fusioncode's wall:

Hey Fusioncode, I had to cut down a few quote trees you had going in a recent thread. Please keep them to a maximum of 3 posts per tree in the future. Thanks!

< Seece posted something on Fusioncode's wall:

Just delete dude, don't entertain the nonsense

Let the sales themselves this year do the talking, we'll be the ones laughing :-D

3 days ago

Yeah I'm ignoring, I already said told him I was done with that convo, I'm not sure why he decided to bring it to my wall.

3 days ago

One of those folk that needs to have the last word even when it's wrong.

3 days ago

You now see the light, Fusioncode.

Better talk to a wall than try to put any sense into that one.

3 days ago

< Zero999 posted something on Fusioncode's wall:

With enough cherrypick, we can say that third party games don't sell on any console.

"No we can't say that Zero, but I'm done with this conversation. It is completely and utterly pointless. Good day sir."

Of course you're gonna say that, but again, with cherrypicking, no console sells third party games. we have examples of games selling bad on every console but you people only focus on the ones at nintendo consoles.

let's not forget rayman legends, sonic all stars racing, RE revelations, lego city, zombi u, other lego games, just dance. and most of the titles you judge fails are just lowER than on other platforms, but not bad per se.

< Mummelmann posted something on Fusioncode's wall:

Lol, I was sure you were already on my friends list! :P

Same. Though I haven't looked at my friends list in a looooooooooong time.

on 02 April 2014

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BOLD Prediction? SSB for WiiU/3DS Will Be The Highest Selling Fighters This Gen(Despite WiiU Terrible Sales)! As Well As Top 10 of All Time!

in Nintendo Discussion 15 minutes ago

Each version should sell at least 5m units, not particularly bold imo. ...

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Will Watchdogs be the last chance for third parties on the Wii U?

in Nintendo Discussion 16 minutes ago

Pretty sure that ship has already sailed. ...

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Post NPD fallout: The central question imo is if a X1 that was cheaper than PS4 would outsell PS4

in Microsoft Discussion 55 minutes ago

Zappykins said:The fact that it is already giving it a tough time is pretty obvious. Microsoft could easily lower the price, but they like playing with their competition. Like how when Apple was about to go under, and Bill Gates saved them. Questions for you Zappykins, if Microsoft didn't care about winning March then why did they bundle Titanfall for free? Why did they drop the...


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