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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 1 hour ago by Pemalite

    JEMC said: Pemalite said: What? Did I miss something technical and juicy? I don't think CGI would go with an AMD processor though, could be wrong about that.I think he is going with the Intel 28 core chip at some point?I am just waiting for DRAM and GPU's to drop in price and then I can complete my new Coffee lake rig.No way in hell am I paying $800 for only 32GB of ram, that's...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 2 hours ago by outlawauron

    Farsala said: Mbolibombo said: 5 points to chart. Has to be the lowest... I've ever seen The market is really feeling the lack of handhelds. Used to have tons of small games for Vita and 3DS, now there is just a void. True. Doesn't help that a lot of games shown at E3 aren't here. KH3 was only one to get a showcase there and be available for preorder. Have to think...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion 3 days ago by Kresnik Quick review done - Resistance Retribution (PSP played on Vita). It's great (better with dual sticks) but some of the end-game missions are a bit ridiculous....

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    The Football Thread - 17/18 Season

    in Sports Discussion on 10 June 2018 by Kerotan

    4 very enjoyable days in Poland. Driving to kaliningrad tomorrow and then flying to St Petersburg. Let the fun begin....

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    Star Ocean 5 is a less than 20 hour jrpg MORE proof, Amazon japan users complaining

    in Sony Discussion on 26 May 2018 by MasterThief

    is it fun really well done 20 hours? if it is. then thats a minor problem...

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    White Millenial Men Now Majority Republican

    in Politics Discussion on 24 May 2018 by DarthMetalliCube

    It's a combination of Dems going batshit crazy over the past 8 or so years, and these men getting older, wiser, and more mature. Not to say Republicans are automatically "wiser" but I do think they're slightly closer to sane and rational, at least in the past 10 years or so.. I'm certainly no Republican but I've opened myself up to a lot more knowledge and viewpoints over the years, and have...

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    Blade Runner 2049 has disappointing opening weekend of $32-35 million

    in Movies Discussion on 02 March 2018 by numberwang

    Blu-ray is out, watched it and it is a well done movie - except the ending which left too much open (for a potential next movie). Worldwide:  $259,239,658

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    Horizon Zero Dawn Predicted To Sell 8 Million Units, Close To Uncharted 4

    in Sales Discussion on 01 March 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Ryng_Tolu said: CGI-Quality said: This is really annoying that we now have yet another a Horizon vs Zelda discussion. The purpose of this revival was to compare results with what was predicted—for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The comparisons are now over, because this is how Zelda/Horizon threads often turn out. Tell this to who asked the comparation between the 2 games,...

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    PS1 vs PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4 exclusives.

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2018 by BraLoD

    PS1 all the way...

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    Who else is sick of the word "err"?

    in General Discussion on 23 February 2018 by CGI-Quality

    This thread is from 2013. No real need to necrobump it like that (especially without permission). So, I'm gonna lock it for now....

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    Prediction: Gran Turismo Sport will outsell all Xbox One Forza Games Combined

    in Sales Discussion on 09 February 2018 by H3ADShOt3

    LudicrousSpeed said: H3ADShOt3 said: C'mon now no need to be ignorant, people have opinions.... I could literally say that everyone I know prefers fm7 over gts  Looks like someone is not a really real true real sim real racer fan. Imho no I'm not I prefer the horizon series way more. But I always preferred FM over GT and same with literally everyone I know...

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    OFFICIAL FINAL FANTASY XIV THREAD [Return to Ivalice] Kefka invades!

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2018 by Athaba

    So many new dungeons and trials... and all I'm doing is crafting furniture to make profit with the new houses :D ...

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    The Nintendo Switch will sell less than the Wii U...

    in Sales Discussion on 11 January 2018 by Flilix

    It should be very close to outselling the Wii U right now....

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    44 Switch Games for December 2017

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 December 2017 by TruckOSaurus

    I wonder if BrawlOut is any good. From what I know, it's a Smash-like game so if it's well done it could be interesting until Nintendo gives us Smash 4 Deluxe or Smash 5....

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    PSVR Turns One: One Million Gamers And Counting

    in Sony Discussion on 07 December 2017 by habam

    RolStoppable said: habam said: "Through June of 2017, tracking firm Superdata put the PSVR installed base at more than 1.8 million headsets" Seems plausible, even if superdata way off on other predictions. Also: "an "unmatched" lead over the other headsets on the market." Totally screwed lol Critical thinking is required here. Why would any company desire more...

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    New build

    in PC Discussion on 30 October 2017 by Random_Matt

    Can close thread now, build completed. Spent way more than i wanted though....

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    BoTW will win more GOTY awards than SMO. (minor spoilers)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2017 by BraLoD

    I agree, BotW will take more gotys....

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    Be Honest: Why Do You Think Switch is a Sales Success Right Now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2017 by Cubedramirez

    To be honest. It's the ability to play when I want, where I want and still pretend to be spending time with loved ones. ...

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    Destiny 2 gripes

    in PC Discussion on 27 October 2017 by caffeinade

    Panama said: caffeinade said: What GPU are you using? 1080ti, i think maybe my mobo is on the fritz as my xfr clocks are random. Cinebench doesnt even run under load. Odd, you should probably get that looked at.It does not sound like a game issue at least....

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    Nioh complete edition coming to PC

    in PC Discussion on 26 October 2017 by Panama

    Will movie mode run 4k at 60fps? Thatd be awesome. They make it sound like its lower....

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