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    < hackles posted something on EpicLight's wall:

    On another note, I registered to Nintyshroom!

    Okay cool thank you! :) Go ahead and add your friend code in the 3DS section of the forums :) We'll be holding Uprising matches today at 4:00 EST in the Chatroom/IRC, so please come if you have Uprising. By the tournament you mean MK7?

    on 07 April 2012

    Yeah. I haven't got uprising yet. Will get it by the end of the week. Check my latest thread. I created a throwdown for kid Icarus. I'm not on a PCso I'm afraid I can't link you. If you search around I'm sure you can find it.

    on 07 April 2012

    And I meant Mario kart

    on 07 April 2012

    Well I still play MK7, yes, but we at Nintyshroom plan to have many matches/tourneys with MK7 and Uprising. The site is still growing, so I'm trying my best to get people who have the games and join up on the site in order to participate. Also, I do occasionally play in the vG tourney. You can find my friend code in the 3DS section of the forums in Nintyshroom.com.

    on 07 April 2012

    It's been a while since anybody talked about Uprising on the fourms, nevertheless created some series of matches, so I created some of my own on Nintyshroom. Seeing as we have our own organized matches, I'm not sure if i can participate in both-- Same goes for MK7, but I plan to come on VGchartz and try to participate in your thread.

    on 07 April 2012

    That's okay, thanks.

    on 07 April 2012

    I've added you, by the way!

    on 07 April 2012

    Okay I will add you. Tournament in 10 minutes if you can play and what's your FC?

    on 07 April 2012

    You can find it on NIntyshroom. . .but I guess I can give it to you on here. 4038-5998-0369

    on 07 April 2012

    Will add in a min, playing in the tournament ATM

    on 07 April 2012

    Go ahead and add my name to the Username board. I'm pretty sure I posted with the mii name, etc.. a while ago :P

    on 07 April 2012

    Mii name is EpicLight* FC: 4038-5998-0369 Forgot how many points I had, since it's been a while.

    on 07 April 2012

    Started the points all over because one of the co-hosts wasn't recording them so I will be now.

    on 07 April 2012


    on 07 April 2012

    Added on 3DS. Sorry it took too long.

    on 08 April 2012

    No problem! :)

    on 08 April 2012

    < hackles posted something on EpicLight's wall:

    Hey, I was just wondering whether you play in the 3DS tournament because I plan to add you to the OP. If you do, please add me to your 3DS: 3566-1798-1681

    < EpicLight updated his status:


    < MRKs posted something on EpicLight's wall:

    Hey man, I was wondering, how many chapter does Kid Icarus Uprising has? Im just curious and waiting for my copy!

    25 chapters :) When are you getting your copy? I can go on and on about the game. If you want to read a review I wrote up, please visit Nintyshroom.com

    on 30 March 2012

    Probably next week since in this one there are a lot of holidays. Can't wait to get that game, seems really promising :)

    on 03 April 2012

    Btw, I signed in Nintyshroom, my nick is tinchokudos :) Nice site

    on 03 April 2012

    Thanks! My friend made it, and we're trying to make it grow :) He actually just deleted you, because he mistaked you for a bot due to your e-mail. If you are wondering why you're not a member anymore, that's why. but I just contacted him tellin him what happened. He says to just sign up again, okay? Thanks, and sorry about that!

    on 03 April 2012

    Btw, the Nintyshroom community is having weekly matches on Friday's and Saturdays at 4:00. Trying to get members together and possibly invite their friends so the site could have the potential to grow more. There's more information in the forums and the blog if you're interested. We're trying to get people on for the matches weekly so that we can have a tournament sometime in the future. Can't have a tournament if people aren't active for the actual weekly matches!

    on 03 April 2012

    Ohh that explains everything xD The thing is I'm from Argentina so my email is in spanish, maybe he thought it was kind of "shaddy". Anyway will sign up again thanks for clear that up

    on 03 April 2012

    You added an avatar. Is that the main character from Tales of Symphonia? What's his name? I never played that game

    Yep! Fianlly figured out how to add an avatar. I never would have known that the "Profile settings" wasn't in the "Profile" tab... But yeah, The main character is named Lloyd :)

    on 17 March 2012

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    Write 73

    "Stranger Things" is freaking awesome

    in Movies Discussion on 04 August 2016

    It's okay. I would have liked to see more usage of the Upside Down. It's a cool concept but I would have like to see a bit more of it....

    Write 103

    What's the oldest gen that still looks fine to you graphically?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2016

    Gamecube, all the way. Windwaker, SM Strikers, TP, Sunshine...

    Write 62

    The Pokemon Series honestly pisses me off

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2016

    Are you kidding? Have you ever heard of a Nuzlocke before? A nuzlocke predetermines what you can and cannot do in a pokemon playthrough. It makes the game so much more enjoyable. That's the only way I ever play pokemon now, because anything else is too easy.   Pokemon doesn't need a difficulty option, because there are so many ways to play the game....


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