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    BasilZero's Wall

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    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Completed "Without Within 2" for Steam/PC.

    Game: Without Within 2

    Genre: Visual Novel

    Publisher: InvertMouse

    Developer: InvertMouse

    Year of Release: 2015

    System: Steam (PC)

    Basil's Score: 69 out of 100

    Length of Playthrough: 2 Hours

    Basil's Playlist: N/A

    Series comparison sake....

    Without Within (PC): 61
    Without Within 2 (PC): 69

    on 25 December 2018

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Completed "Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt 2nd Season"

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Gundam Thunderbolt's OST is glorious.


    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Just bought my first indie game (that isnt part of a bundle).

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Finished all gaming holiday shopping for the year.

    2018 was a blast when it came to gaming.

    I only played 6 games made this year, but, yeah, it was another good one for me too.

    on 24 December 2018

    I finished 49.

    Gonna see if I can get to 52 before the end of the year.

    I'm close to beating one game right now, and halfway done with another.

    I'll just start on a short game lol.

    on 24 December 2018

    Just for clarification purposes, I played around 40 different games this year, but only 6 were made in 2018. Not sure how many I finished. Probably around 10. I spent a lot of time on a few of them. Like EDF 2025 and Toukiden.

    on 25 December 2018

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Completed "Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt"

    < BasilZero updated his status:


    Early release from work tomorrow and a 4 day weekend.

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Too many christmas/holiday parties.

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Completed "Detective Conan Movie 1: The Time Bombed Skyscraper"

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Zoids Fuzors is the worst Mecha anime since Gundam Seed.

    Worst Zoids anime in the series overall.

    I miss the old late 90's to early '00s Zoids. Not sure what Fuzors even is, but I'll stay clear.

    on 13 December 2018

    Third show in the series right after Zoids Chaotic Century (first one) and Zoids Zero Century (second one).

    Fourth one is called Zoids Genesis and the new (fifth) one which is still airing is called Zoids Wild.

    on 13 December 2018

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Hmm....site doesnt seem to be so active.

    Barely any one here talks about actual gaming l0l.

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Game: Metal Gear Solid

    Genre: Action

    Publisher: Konami

    Developer: Kojima Productions

    Year of Release: 2013

    System: Playstation 3 (PS3)

    Basil's Score: 94 out of 100

    Length of Playthrough: 12 Hours

    Basil's Playlist: N/A

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Finished "Metal Gear Solid 1" on Playstation 3.

    94 out of 100.

    3.94 . Ouch !

    on 03 December 2018


    on 03 December 2018

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on BasilZero's wall:

    Hey! I did a double-take when I saw you. Glad to see you around :)


    Thanks, how you been?

    on 01 December 2018

    Pretty good. Super busy. What’s new with you??

    on 02 December 2018

    Been busy, a lot of overtime at work.

    Also moved to my new home two months ago and have been working on situated , buying new furniture, etc

    Almost done with that.

    How about you?

    on 02 December 2018

    Double-take means when you rub one out, then immediately rub another one out before becoming flaccid. That's what my uncle taught me anyway..

    on 02 December 2018

    uhh...I already looked it up and lol.

    on 02 December 2018

    < OTBWY posted something on BasilZero's wall:

    Slade/Spade told me we were in the same tax bracket. I dunno what that means but here we are.

    Who's that?

    And is that some sort of fake gangsta indian caste propaganda verbage :P?

    Thanks for the friend invite btw :)

    on 01 December 2018

    I didn't know you guys had beef. Sorry. I mean rivalry.

    on 01 December 2018

    Well I dont have beef/rivalry at all with anyone to be honest - I dont really dwell on stuff like that, I prefer to move forward with stuff :P

    Btw, are you a Desi? (if you dont mind me asking)

    on 01 December 2018

    Hello Basil! Long time no see!

    Hi hi!

    on 01 December 2018

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on BasilZero's wall:

    Welcome back Mr. Chocobo


    Will likely be staying till end of December before taking another break :P

    on 01 December 2018

    I'll take what I can get

    on 01 December 2018

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    My Media/Entertainment room's set.

    75'' Sony x900f HDTV

    Vizio Sound Bar

    Alongside my gaming laptop, PS4, WiiU, PS3, HDMI Switcher and accessories

    Lookin' good!

    on 01 December 2018


    I'm still figuring out what to do with the cable management for the console table.

    I kinda wanna tie it down like the backside of the room (where my surround sound speakers are in the below image - they are hidden) but I'm gonna be changing or should I say add to my set up in the future with a new gaming desktop and a future Switch.

    on 01 December 2018

    In the future I plan to upgrade my sound system from a 5.1 to a 7.1 system.

    Couldnt do the 7.1 system since I ran out of money to spend on new furniture and stuff lol.

    Which is why I still havent gotten a Switch or a new gaming desktop yet :( - will correct that in 2019.

    on 01 December 2018

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    My Media/Entertainment Room's Sofa set

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    "Game Room" turned into a R & R room

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