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    What Gaming Goodness Did You Get In Your Christmas Haul?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2013

    XBox One + Battlefield 4, CoD: Ghosts, Dead RIsing 3, Forza 5 (Day One Ed) Playstation 4 + Killzone: Shadowfall, Assasins Creed 4 Not necessarily gaming, but Motorola wound up sending me a free Verizon Moto X Developers Edition for some trouble I had with them dealing with customer support on Cyber Monday....

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    I have 2 codes for the demo of Bayonetta to give!!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 November 2009


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    in Sony Discussion on 22 November 2009

    morenoingrato said:Nintendo is failing in Japan... WHAT?!?!?!...

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    HOLY.... The first Xbox360 Jasper failure!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 August 2008

    Squilliam said: Reasonable said:And yet the PS3 doesn't melt when subjected to a small amount of heat and cures cancer... Funny you should mention that... You've had 3 PS3 breakages right? Do you also fold @ home? Thats been the main usage of my PS3 and its broken twice and i've also heard of a corelation between folding and PS3s breaking down.     I have...

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    Kotaku: Crysis Warhead Screenies!!

    in PC Discussion on 11 August 2008

    http://kotaku.com/5035307/crysis-warhead-screens   WOW!!!  This expansion is going to set the bar EVEN HIGHER!!!  I really like Crysis, and playing that game at 1600x1200 is with solid fps is just something that can't even be described.  Cannot wait for the release of Warhead!!!  Finish the...ummm, fight?!?!?...

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    Ask Gamestop: FFXIII, Fishy! Fishy!

    in Sony Discussion on 11 August 2008

    This all happened a month ago....I can't believe people are still creating threads on this subject!?!?...

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    Ask Gamestop: FFXIII, Fishy! Fishy!

    in Sony Discussion on 11 August 2008


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    SC4 sales

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2008

    360 doesn't come with Vader as a character?!?!?...

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    Wich game i should buy? Okami or FF:IV

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 August 2008

    MasterZack said: Hi there! As the subject says, im looking for a new game, that will be added to my videogame colection. The porblem is, that i have money for buy only one of 'em... wich game i sholud buy? Okami for my Wii, or Final Fantasy IV for my Nintendo DS? Sorry by the orthograpfhy, i dont speak or write in English very well as u see.   See I do that English speak...

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    Is buying BluRay movies worth it if you own a PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 10 August 2008

    Watching movies in BD/hi-def is worth it, paying the extra premium for them isn't I suggest just renting them off netlfix like I do. Best of both worlds....

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    Rage PS3/360: All 'key scenes' will look the same

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2008

    If this game is good I am just going to get it on the PC anyways, so I could care less. The PC version is going to be better than both console versions anyway, so this is a moot point for those of us with high end gaming rigs....

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    Can ps3 outsale the xbox 360

    in Sales Discussion on 08 August 2008

    sweetoothj said: Squilliam lost all reputation in 1 night   Nice, someone with 8 posts is talking about "reputation"...

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    My thoughts on why the ps3 will eventually win this gen.

    in Sales Discussion on 06 August 2008

    Preacher37 said: People, people. I can understand a fanboy or two wanting a console to succeed, or even investors to be behind their product so that they will increase their profits through mass market appeal, or even if you were saying that the PS3 is the most fun of any system ever. I could understand any of those things, but are we seriously wasting our time to have a discussion of...

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    how many units can the ps3 sell by end of year?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 July 2008

    I don't see how it couldn't at least sell 20 million with the year it is having so far, and it is only going to get better starting in a couple more months with the releases of some highly anticipated games. I am finally starting to not regret my purchase of a launch week PS3. Thank you Sony, I have another reason to boot up my PS3 besides just watching Blu-Ray movies....

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    Comcast and Nintendo: A deal that's sure to be in short supply

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 July 2008

    Sky Render said: Just be aware that the deal they're offering is a bit of a draconian one. They basically take over your entire living room, office, and telephone service for the next two years. If that's worth a Wii to you, then go ahead.   Yeah, that is soooo true.  A 24 month service contract?  F*** THAT!!!  This is a good deal if you are in a stale home...

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    PS3 - 15 million sold, 135 million to go

    in Sony Discussion on 28 July 2008

    Wow, crazzyman just keeps regurgitating the same rhetoric AS ALWAYS. I have never encountered anyone so blind to reality, living in their own Sony fantasy world.... I own a PS3 too, and crazzyman just boggles my mind with some of the stuff he says.  It is absolutely bat s**t insane!...

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    Metacritic Rating PS3 Edition

    in Sony Discussion on 28 July 2008

    Riachu said: Kasz216 said: Riachu said: You guys are setting Valkyria Chronicles a little too low. Especially since previews are saying it is the best RPG that Sega released in a decade or something like that.Valkyria Chronicles.....88%-90%Little Big Planet......90%Socom Confrontation....85% Have sega released any RPGs in a decade outside of really disapointing...

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    Metacritic Rating PS3 Edition

    in Sony Discussion on 27 July 2008

    Holy shit, you guys who think LBP is going to get 95%+ are out of your minds!!...

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    Can the PS3 really surpass the 360 next year?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 July 2008

    colonelstubbs said: As someone above said, we will know better when the christmas sales have all come in. I personally think the PS3 will overtake next year, and predicted Q3 in the prediction thread   THE PS3 WILL OVERTAKE THE 360 IN WORLDWIDE SALES (hopefully)......  (from your sig)   That is a pretty general statement...you should maybe...

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    Why do I hate Gamestop so?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2008


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