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    mothman Trying to get my games on here but the system is really bad. I've missed at least 50 or 60 because
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    < Zappykins posted something on mothman's wall:

    Oh, scary Mothman! In the book did they tell you about who they really think he was and what he was doing? (Just Curious)

    I don't think they did come right out and say that but it's been so long since I read it. Best guess, people thought he was some sort of alien who was messing with humans for a laugh.

    on 11 July 2012

    I visited West Virginia as a kid and I grew up hearing the stories. What we were told is that the 'Mothman' was a real guy that worked on the bridge, and he thought it was unsafe but people wouldn't listen to him. He was trying to scare people away from using it, and they think he was killed when it collapsed. (So actually a local hero.)

    on 11 July 2012

    I'd never heard that. It's not quite as fun as some of the more supernatural interpretations but it actually makes more sense.

    on 12 July 2012

    I was rather stunned when I saw the movie and they said all this 'super natural alien' stuff, cause I don't remember anything like that. But I'm sure there was some 'mass hysteria.' Still it's a cool name!

    on 13 July 2012

    < mothman updated his status:

    Trying to get my games on here but the system is really bad. I've missed at least 50 or 60 because it either doesn't find them or they aren't among the first 5 hits it finds which is all you get. It also wipes out your entire entry if you make a typo. Grrrrrrrr!

    On your home page go down to cheats. While there make sure that you actually click on cheats or screenshots. From there you will be entered into our old database. You just go up to the search bar and click in your games you want. But make sure when you find them that you only click on screenshots or cheats. Once you are on the game screen you can or should be able to rate and add games at your leisure without them popping off like our new system makes them.

    on 05 July 2012

    Tanx Ryan. I'll give it a try

    on 05 July 2012

    < Conegamer posted something on mothman's wall:

    This should solve your Xenoblade issue:


    Thanks Cone. I thought I should keep Sharla in for support i.e. healing and curing but she doesn't really do what she should on occasion.

    That damn level 57 mechon at gate 3 wiped the floor with me in less than a minute. :(

    on 31 May 2012

    Yeah, those Fortress Mechon are pretty mean :/

    on 31 May 2012

    I'm on to the fallen arm at level 59 now so I can't go back to beat the think even if I want to. :(

    Decided to move on with the story

    on 01 June 2012

    You can, just warp there on the map. Do it before the end of the area after the one you're in!

    on 01 June 2012

    Thanks, I read that once you complete the story part of Sword Valley you can no longer return,

    on 01 June 2012

    You can, just not for long! You'll know when/why you can't head back to the sword. Heck, you can even return to Galahad Fortress, just not the bottom area...

    on 01 June 2012

    < DanneSandin posted something on mothman's wall:

    I don't wanna clog up the thread, so I'll just write here =) where did you get the name? well, I know whose name it is - I just wonder why you chose it =P

    From my mum. :D

    No, seriously I was reading the Mothman Prophecies many years back and when I had to make up a name it was the first thing that popped into my head.

    Interesting fact. It is also the name of a super hero in The Watchmen and a reoccurring demon in the Shin Megami Tensei series

    on 31 May 2012

    hehe yeah, the mothman from Watchmen I know ^^ I know it from the urgan legends and stuff like that. What's the Prophecies about?

    on 31 May 2012

    Supposedly based on facts it covers sightings of the creature, predictions of disaster and other weird stuff that happened in West Virginia. Makes for interested reading if you like that supernatural kind of stuff.

    But of course I am obviously real. :D

    on 31 May 2012

    well, who knows who's sitting on the other side of that screenn ;)

    Those things always makes for an interesting read =D I just never have the patience to read them thru :P I'll read a little bit here, a little bit there and then do something else;)

    on 31 May 2012

    < mothman updated his status:

    How the feck does one change one's avatar or am I just dim?


    on 22 May 2012

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    May 2014 NPD Thread!

    in Sales Discussion on 16 June 2014

    roboplato said:Nintendo needs to go third party nobody is really interested in buying there consoles anymore and there franchise s just don't move console s anymore You can't even write a proper sentence and you expect your comment to be taken seriously. It's THEIR (belonging to them) not THERE as in go over there and you don't pluralize a word by leaving a space followed by an s....

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    HD remake, no extra cost. I'm in....


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