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    Kid falls in gorilla pit- gorilla is shot to death

    in General Discussion on 31 May 2016

    Some dumb bitch can't keep an eye on her kid you expect me to feel any sympathy for that cunt. It's called eyes and a fucking brain eyes to see distance and a brain to interpret distance, oh yeah and common sense to understand that your in place surrounded by dangerous animals. The people protecting this bitch make me fucking sick to my stomach and because of this deviation of responsibility you...

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    Should Trump Become President?

    in Politics Discussion on 23 January 2016

    I have not heard or seen any of policies because he has none. All he does is spout the most asinine rhetoric over and over again plus he's an absurd bigot and being of color makes voting for a racist moron against my best interest...

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    what can nintendo do to make sure the NX sells less than the Wii U?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 January 2016

    Release it is all they have to do, Nintendo is already in decline...

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    IGN..Zombi U/Zombi WTF

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 August 2015

    If Nintendo fans gave this many fucks about the game when it launched it wouldn't have been a complete failure and Ubisoft wouldn't have abandoned the toxic scorched earth that is the wii u. ...

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    "The boxing world thinks Floyd Mayweather's next fight is a complete joke." Possible Rocky Story

    in Sports Discussion on 26 July 2015

    The pathetic part is Hulk Hogan a fake athlete has recorded proof of being a piece of shit yet most of the populace are sucking him off about how the WWE is treating him unfair but a true gallant in boxing gets No respect even though all his accolades are true. But this the world we live in now...

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    Microsoft lost more money this quarter than Sony

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 July 2015

    Maybe MS should start a kickstarter at next years e3, read that someone on this sight lol...

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    How Sony Won Call of Duty DLC Exclusivity Away From Microsoft

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 June 2015

    I didn't know lining Activision pockets with obscene amounts of money constitutes winning, maybe I have a distorted view of "winning"...

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    How exactly is Nintendo going to make the NX a success?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 June 2015

    Nothing unless they get another gimmick or give it away for free...

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    Miyamoto: games nowadays look so realistic that they all look the same

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 June 2015

    That is why he is losing and the trend will continue in the future. Get used to the wii u failure because ironically your future is looking so similar that I can't tell the difference ...

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    Splatoon Digital Sales in Japan? UPDATE: Splatoon Digital 43k+ Under A Week? (Over 187k+ Sold Excluding 2nd Week Retail)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 June 2015

    So you went from endless redundant threads showcasing mediocre sales to literally pulling numbers out your ass. Bravo!! User warned for this post - Starcraft...

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    Who has the best exclusives in 2015? X1 or PS4

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2015

    Bloodborne case closed...

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    Biggest drop in sales in a game series?

    in Sales Discussion on 20 May 2015

    Almost all of Nintendo franchises...

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    Should we start considering gang members terrorist?

    in Politics Discussion on 18 May 2015

    Yes but it has to be done to all of them, not just the ones you deem worthy ...

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    Why is so hard for Wii U sell 20,000,000?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 May 2015

    It's an unappealing piece of hardware that is almost exclusively marketed to children an young adults in a world were COD and GTA5 are the chart toppers and they refuse to embrace 3rd party or take a different approach than just Mario and friends. I can guarantee more mario and friends on this new nx system and the cycle repeats itself...

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    Wii U 10M before E3? Yes!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 April 2015

    It's still not passed 10m? Sad truly sad, and no I don't expect 10m before E3 now...

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    The death of Nintendo video games & consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2014

    Well they are in full decline in every category that really can't be argued. So with a steady decline and the same games over and over without another gimmick Nintendo's fate is pretty much sealed. ...

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    AC Unity has major framerate issues

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 November 2014

    Pc too lol, total biscuit has a really good pc. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sica1s...

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    Sony’s biggest PS4 update yet has been a complete disaster - BGR

    in Sony Discussion on 03 November 2014

    It's fucking atrocious that they did no sort of testing for this shit. Rest mode broken, you can't sign in to youtube app (hell I could barley download it), share doesn't work properly and is super laggy and doesn't work at all with mincraft, music player is no compatible with phones. The store is constantly not working....

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    Have you changed your mind on if Bayo 2 will flop?

    in Sales Discussion on 15 October 2014

    My definition of flop is not making back the money invested in a product. And since we know Beo2 cost twice as much to develope than Beo1 it is a guaranteed flop considering sega didn't want to develope it after the first one. It's really just another L for platinum and Nintendo. ...

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    Nintendo Illuminati Confirmed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 October 2014

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist". But I'm sure if you told the jewish people before ww1 that they were going to rounded up and systematically killed in death camps by an evil dictator hellbent on taking over the world and starting a race of aryan pure people who beleaved in witchcraft and incest, somone would have called you crazy but I guess...

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