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    PS3: 10million, 4 months b4 360's 10million

    in Sony Discussion on 19 February 2008

    Chubear said: konnichiwa said: Obviously? Because it outsells the X360 on a weekly basis of 50K? it will take years to pass it this way.Taking over the Wii ;;.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD.@Bingoo: I thought the X360 had a pricedrop too..Oh boy. You really want to make such comments and laugh about it? I have a bunch of comments jsut like your's saved up only a year ago about how the PS3...

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    PS3 just passed 10,000,000

    in Sales Discussion on 15 February 2008

    SpartanFX said: Rath said:Deviation59 said:He had no problem recently twice adjusting his Others data based on sales figures from German and UK tracking firms... why wouldn't he adjust NA for NPD? Just to be stubborn? Well I know for a fact that in the past when Ioi has adjusted for NPD his original data has proven to be correct. Maybe he doesn't consider NPD to be accurate enough to adjust...

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    Good Bye Sony & PS3...

    in Sony Discussion on 13 February 2008

    tombi123 said: DMC4 has sold more on the PS3.  ... right, there is a world outside of NA. Even in NA, the PS3 is gaining ground. PS3 has had a bigger percentage lead in Europe than 360 has in America.By the logic shown in the original post, it would be Microsoft that is out and never to return.At least post about data that can be discussed, not data that is simply wrong.  It is not that...

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    How many people know the 360 is more powerful than the Ps3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 January 2008

    No one in the world has a justified knowledge of the fact that the 360 is more powerful.We do not yet know what the PS3, and even the 360 can do.It has been about 2 years for devs on the PS3, we won't know which is more powerful for a long time.We do know which one has the setup of a PC though, making it the easiest to dev for, which creates flame threads like this in the first place....

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    Sony Strategy Meeting

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2008

    This thread is what it is on purpose, and its great.Of my friends, I bought a 360 at launch, and then a PS3 just after launch.Convinced 3 different PS2 owners to buy a PS3, (they made the decision themselves though) and another friend just got a PS3 who also owns a 360.All of the previous PS2 owners did not have a hard decision to make because they were all huge Gran Turismo fans.Oh and another...

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    More MGS4 non-exclusivity Reports

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2008

    achievable in time, IMO- YES. This game is different from the previous ones since it will exist on a console with less games at the time of its release than the previous MGS's had. It will become the top selling MGS game IMO...

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    More MGS4 non-exclusivity Reports

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2008

    Yeah it does seem fishy at best , I agree with you there....

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    More MGS4 non-exclusivity Reports

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2008

    http://xboxfamily.com/xf/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1123&Itemid=2"Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the Xbox 360. This is not a rumor. This is straight from a Konami distribution representative’s mouth. The game is already in production and has been since early 2007. Complete details after the jump: No, the rep will not be named, but this is pretty concrete. Speaking to a Konami rep...

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    More MGS4 non-exclusivity Reports

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2008

    http://www.ps3center.net/story-1508-Konami-Confirms-MGS-4-For-Xbox-360.html http://www.xboxcircle.com/xbox360/2008/01/01/rumor-metal-gear-solid-4-to-xbox-360-eventually/  http://xbox360.thegamereviews.com/story-335-New-Rumors-Surface-of-360-Version-of-MGS-4.html Rumors all over the place. I know this topic has been done to death, but new information is always good to...

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    Race is on - 360 vrs PS3 (holiday '07)

    in Sales Discussion on 01 January 2008

    @Shams , Reading your last two posts in succession made me laugh.I never thought PS3 would outsell 360 this Holiday.BUT I do get the feeling (like you said) that Microsoft is going to drop something big on us. They seem to be sitting idle, but I doubt that is the case....

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    fuck u artofangels cunt

    in General Discussion on 01 January 2008


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    Sony is shit

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2008

    the line "Sony stinks like hell" is kind of funny.Note: I do not agree with the statement. But it made me LOL...

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    Sony's Back, Baby!

    in Sony Discussion on 20 December 2007

    But what the OP is saying is basically a current look at the state of the PS3 when considering its past.As of right now - it is doing as good as it could be after such a disaster of a start.This is of course if you do not read into the situation very closely.But overall, I am happy Its all good for gaming.3rd place has never been so sweet!...

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    Race is on - 360 vrs PS3 (holiday '07)

    in Sales Discussion on 22 November 2007

    WEWdeadeye said:BR will not help blu-ray ALOT this Christmas. Most people buying HDTVs that want high def movies will probably go the way of HDDVD, considering most places are selling the new A3 for 199$. Not only that, people aren't going to pick up a PS3 because of blu-ray, people picking up PS3s are thinking games first, blu-ray is just a plus, assuming they even know about it. Most people who...

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    I think ps3 will sell impressively this holiday and beat 360.

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 October 2007

    MontanaHatchet said: That's a bold statement lad.Welcome to Vgchartz, I'm the most handsome mod on the site and easily the most popular. Everyone loves me.  Thats exactly what I said to myself when I read the topic.It seems as if Lance looks at the facts, and common knowledge tells him the PS3 will sell more.I feel the same way sometimes, but the fact of the matter is- most people don't...

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    Good Reasons to own PS3 in 2008 (list inside)

    in Sony Discussion on 21 October 2007

    @ JouninGarretYou are entitled to your opinions, everybody is, but...If you own a PS3, (Its a given that you will get Metal Gear),but how could you not buy Gran Turismo, and Killzone 2.If for no other reason, than broadening your gaming horizons to the racing genre, and to 41 million dollar exclusive FPS juggernauts.IMO these 3 games will be phenomenal and can sell the system in 2008- I can't...

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    Sales From Halo Will increase xbox 360 sales

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 September 2007

    It will increase sales for the 360?? I guess that makes sense.It better because this is really the last part of the wave for Microsoft...

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