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    Title screens that blew you away immediately

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

    Yeah, Detroit Become Human really stood out for me as well. It managed to produce an illusion of an actual AI that would greet me and say different things every time I booted up. And the change that happened in Chloe over time as you progressed in the game, very nice. And TLOU as well, the peaceful and very low key title screen with the music and the curtains gently moving in the wind conveys...

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    What's your Norwood scale?

    in General Discussion 1 day ago

    I'd say I'm at stage 4 by now. Doesn't really matter since I have shaved my hair for over a decade now. Going for that Jason Statham vibe. ...

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    Spider-Man no longer in the MCU after disagreement between Sony and Disney (UPDATE #2): Sony releases statement

    in Movies Discussion 2 days ago

    KrspaceT said: sub-zero-TM said: This at least means no more woke Spider man and it means that Spidey will be alone in his movies finally no other heroes bullshit anymore. ...Of all the complaints you could have about Spiderman's MCU films, it is calling it 'woke'.  What is that even supposed to mean?  Oh noes, it has non-white actors in major roles. SJW BS! Oh...

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    Sony: "You will see in the future some titles coming to a wider installed base"

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    vivster said: So he's saying that every single AAA game will stay exclusive forever while small games that don't sell consoles will be benevolently allowed to be on other platforms. What a generous god he is. Without exclusives, the whole thing would be just about the big three peddling their hardware. What would that look like? ...

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    Are we all becoming pagan again?

    in Politics Discussion on 10 August 2019

    Monogamy isn't necessarily tied to religion. People just like commitment and don't like to be just one of many to someone. At least when we are talking about relationships. Fuckbuddies and FWBs are just about sex, and random sex will always have its place as well. The latter I think has become more free and more acceptable when religious control has subsided. But nothing new under the sun really....

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    Xbox is the 87th Most Valuable Brand in the world

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 August 2019

    I get the sense that the listing OP mentioned relates more to revenue than brand recognition. Maybe revenue streams under the Xbox name are bigger than those of Sony or Nintendo. Microsoft has always been one step ahead with their online services and whatnot. But in terms of actual recognition? No way. Just no way. Microsoft is up there, because of Windows, but Xbox, not so much. ...

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    Least liked console from each of the big 3 and why

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2019

    I can only speak for Sony consoles, since I've never owned anything else. This is a tough one. In today's situation, I'd guess it would have to be the PS1 because of the sheer power difference, but that's not fair because everything has its time. I'm gonna go with the PS3, because it was so hard to develop for that PS3 owners got a little short changed with multiplats at the time. And the UI...

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    I recently bought the PS4. My first Sony console.

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2019

    Burning Typhoon said: Me personally, I'd grown up with sega and sony consoles.  Today, I've rebought the ones lost to time, so I have all of them.  However, I started with the genesis, and moved up from there, and with PS1, and moved up from there too, however, I did not generally own both at the same time, because one of them would break, and I'd flip to the other side. ...

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    are you a true gamer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2019

    I think a true gamer is anyone who fairly regularly dedicates some of their time for gaming specifically to enjoy it. As opposed to someone who just kills time with it occasionally while waiting for something else to begin. ...

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    MS Q4 report: Xbox hardware down 48% YOY

    in Sales Discussion on 01 August 2019

    It's too simplistic to say that price is the most crucial factor for consumers here. It is for some of them, namely those who can't really tell one machine from another but simply need to buy something for their kids to play on, for as cheap as possible. I'd say perception is key here. What does the brand tell you? What is the word on the "streets", namely the internet and word of mouth....

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    What was your most played game for each generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 July 2019

    I only play games that have a beginning and an end, so they would have to be games that simply take a lot of time to finish. I like to explore everything and play all the DLC as well. Some RPG's can take me a month to finish and 100-130 hours in game time. I think Fallout games have been real time sinks. Some western RPG's as well, the ones that start out on the PC. ...

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    Would you buy a PS4 Portable ?

    in Sony Discussion on 29 July 2019

    Nope. Gaming on the go sucks. I need my own space and proper equipment to immerse myself into the game. Besides, when I'm on the go, I'm doing something that doesn't allow or call for gaming anyways. ...

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    Games Journalism isn't What it Used to Be

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 July 2019

    Actually, it seems to me that gaming journalism is starting to get over the hump of social activism and offense culture. I'm seeing less of that and more of actual gaming journalism about the games themselves(duh), scandals in the business, investigations into the working conditions and such. Perhaps I'm just seeing what I want to see. ...

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    Hardware First, Software First, Services First: How The Big 3 Sell Their Brands, As I See It

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 July 2019

    Sony with software last? Yeaaaah, no. Software has been the very key for Sony in beating Microsoft, especially this generation. And that didn't just come out of nowhere, it has been a long and arduous project that is now starting to bear fruit. In fact, software was very largely a factor in breaking Sony into the console business to begin with. They went with CD and snagged a few killer titles...

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    Should Sony market Indie games more?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 June 2019

    Nah. Indie games simply don't matter very much in the big picture. They are not a system seller. You can get them on most platforms, some people enjoy them but they're not enough of a big deal so that Sony would want to pour their marketing millions into them. Heck, sometimes it feels like they don't even put their full marketing weight behind their AAA exclusives either. Besides, word of mouth...

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    Most Anticipated Upcoming Games that AREN'T on Your Main System?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2019

    PS4 is my main and only platform, really. I have a potato PC for internet stuff. I can't really think of anything outside of my reach that I would want. Well, PC gets some RTS games and such that never release on consoles, but that's pretty much it. Perhaps the new Microsoft studios will eventually put out something that I would want, but I suspect everything from them will be on PC as well. So...

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    Razer Drops Streamer for Calling Men Trash, Says It's 'Extremism'

    in Politics Discussion on 26 June 2019

    At least it's consistent, if you aren't allowed to badmouth groups, men are a group as well. So are white people, btw. Either we can trash talk about everyone or we can do it to no-one. Personally, I'd like to stop the offense culture and let everyone say what they want to say. It should be up to the followers to decide if they want to keep following, rather than a platform acting as morality...

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    FINAL FANTASY X fans ... i need some help and convincing !

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2019

    For me FFX was a big departure from VII, VIII and IX which I loved. They changed the formula and never went back and for me, it was a bad thing. The newer ones are not bad games, but they just don't feel like FF to me like the older ones. They feel like graphical polish has taken most of the work and the games have become linear and action based, the sense of adventure and exploring the world is...

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    First-Person or Third-Person?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2019

    I concur that it depends on the game. Mostly I like third person, though, especially if I get to make my own character and customize their appearance. That's kind of wasted in first person. ...

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    Rumour: Sony's PS5 is definitely more powerful than Microsoft Project Scarlett

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2019

    Pemalite said: drkohler said: No it won't. This gen, a 0.5TFlop (1.8 vs 1.3) difference made a noticeable difference in the end. With next gen, a 0.5TF difference will be almost unnoticeable (don't expect a higher difference than 0.5-1TFlop, as both fight within the same power envelope). If/when both consoles are around 10TFlop (of "Navi - TFlops"), a few % difference just doesn't...

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