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    The Witcher 3 on Switch vs PS4 - The Complete Tech Breakdown DIgital Foundry Videos

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    Shiken said: All I see is a lot of salt and downplay being thrown around over a very good port. I mean the amount of sarcasm in some of the OP replies that he tries to look unbias with is kind funny TBH. But I digress...Switcher 3 looks good to me, and I already beat the game on my PS4. I will be playing it again on Switch both docked and portable, as a game like this is perfect for burst...

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    PS5 DualShock 5 will still have LED bar and touchpad

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    Personally I haven't found much use for either feature and developers haven't really either, so the controller could be more streamlined and go without these things adding to the cost and taking up battery power. But I guess the light is required for VR, so... ...

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    PS5 DualShock 5 will still have LED bar and touchpad

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    Xxain said: Mark Cerny is designing what sounds like a very boring upgrade. No unique features as of now; just tech. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. WiiU and some other friends just called and said that trying to be gimmicky rarely pays off. Sony has found a a working formula and there's no reason to deviate from it. It's about the games themselves, not the gadgetry. Besides, they...

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    When are you buying the PS5?

    in Sony Discussion 5 days ago

    Depends on how the BC works. There are still items to go through on my PS4 playlist, but if I can carry them over to the PS5, then there's no reason not to upgrade as soon as possible. ...

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    Sony Interactive has no personality anymore

    in Sony Discussion on 09 October 2019

    I'm sure they're not oblivious to the benefits of having a likable frontman. With the recent departures, they're probably just figuring out who they will be sending on stage in future outings. ...

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    TLoU part 2 will not have multiplayer

    in Sony Discussion on 27 September 2019

    No matter. The core game will better for it. I play games for a good story and enjoyable gameplay, not mindless and repetitive shooting that really has no ultimate goal or purpose other than kill/die endlessly. ...

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    Rumor: Sony plans to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro at the same time.

    in Sony Discussion on 23 September 2019

    This would be fine by me. Could go straight for the Pro without ending up with a superfluous console in my hands at some point. Unless they go and do a Super Pro later, dang it.. ...

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    I just don't get why silent protagonist's are still a thing in video games!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 September 2019

    Silent is the best in my opinion. I remember especially the original Dragon Age. The dialog trees were huge and branching, and I could imagine myself saying the things that I chose to say as my customized character. The next Dragon Ages have had a voiced protagonist and that has not only reduced the dialogues into fluff with just a couple of options, but now you cannot see exactly what your...

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    What is the best Triple-A Game for PS4 ?? Top 3 - 5

    in Sony Discussion on 23 September 2019

    Impossible to pick one. So much goodness in so many different forms. ...

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    Should Sony release the Playstation 5 before or after Scarlett?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2019

    At the same time would be the wisest move, I think. If you launch first, people might decide to wait and see what happens when the other machine launches. If you launch later, then early adopters and people who can't wait, or perhaps don't even know that an alternative is on the way, might have already committed. ...

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    Is ''This game looks too anime' the new 'This game looks too kiddy'

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2019

    No reason to get hurt because other people don't like your favorite art style. ...

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    Second favourite of the "big 3"

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 September 2019

    Sony fan. Second choice is Microsoft, which is basically just an inferior Sony at this point, they're very samey on the whole but MS lacks the games. Nintendo stuff just isn't my style at all, although I have nothing against them as such. ...

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    Should we ban older films for being too offensive? (The satire "The Last Temptation of Christ" - 1988)

    in Movies Discussion on 10 September 2019

    Offensive according to who? Who's the arbiter of that? Who would you trust to make such descisions for you? ...

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    The Witcher 3 Sold more in the first half 2019, as the same time 2018

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 September 2019

    John2290 said: They are going the bethesda route now and we all know how that ends up. ...in complete disaster. I don't see a Bethesda route here, either. But maybe there's a threat of going the Ubisoft route and they start making annualized Witchers and Cyberpunks with diminishing returns? ...

    Write 31

    Title screens that blew you away immediately

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 August 2019

    Yeah, Detroit Become Human really stood out for me as well. It managed to produce an illusion of an actual AI that would greet me and say different things every time I booted up. And the change that happened in Chloe over time as you progressed in the game, very nice. And TLOU as well, the peaceful and very low key title screen with the music and the curtains gently moving in the wind conveys...

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    What's your Norwood scale?

    in General Discussion on 22 August 2019

    I'd say I'm at stage 4 by now. Doesn't really matter since I have shaved my hair for over a decade now. Going for that Jason Statham vibe. ...

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    Spider-Man no longer in the MCU after disagreement between Sony and Disney (UPDATE #2): Sony releases statement

    in Movies Discussion on 21 August 2019

    KrspaceT said: sub-zero-TM said: This at least means no more woke Spider man and it means that Spidey will be alone in his movies finally no other heroes bullshit anymore. ...Of all the complaints you could have about Spiderman's MCU films, it is calling it 'woke'.  What is that even supposed to mean?  Oh noes, it has non-white actors in major roles. SJW BS! Oh...

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    Sony: "You will see in the future some titles coming to a wider installed base"

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 August 2019

    vivster said: So he's saying that every single AAA game will stay exclusive forever while small games that don't sell consoles will be benevolently allowed to be on other platforms. What a generous god he is. Without exclusives, the whole thing would be just about the big three peddling their hardware. What would that look like? ...

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    Are we all becoming pagan again?

    in Politics Discussion on 10 August 2019

    Monogamy isn't necessarily tied to religion. People just like commitment and don't like to be just one of many to someone. At least when we are talking about relationships. Fuckbuddies and FWBs are just about sex, and random sex will always have its place as well. The latter I think has become more free and more acceptable when religious control has subsided. But nothing new under the sun really....

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    Xbox is the 87th Most Valuable Brand in the world

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 August 2019

    I get the sense that the listing OP mentioned relates more to revenue than brand recognition. Maybe revenue streams under the Xbox name are bigger than those of Sony or Nintendo. Microsoft has always been one step ahead with their online services and whatnot. But in terms of actual recognition? No way. Just no way. Microsoft is up there, because of Windows, but Xbox, not so much. ...

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