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    League of Legendsí new art style

    in PC Discussion on 18 September 2010

    zarx said: adajio said: Magma chamber is gonna be so tight. speaking of which Riot Games have announced a new 5v5 map for League of Legends: Magma Chamber. It’s set inside a dormant volcano, with teleport platforms, magma for days, and a host of new minions that give mega buffs when you drop them. Here’s a massive piece of concept art: While we haven’t played it,...

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    League of Legendsí new art style

    in PC Discussion on 18 September 2010

    Magma chamber is gonna be so tight....

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    Worst FF13 battle

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2010

    Definitely Mission 64. *mild spoilers?* Being able to go into an invulnerable cocoon, heal 100k every 2 seconds while in the cocoon, and add four buffs to himself is bad, but then this fire tornado move is just plain over the top. 5 starred him though, with a little luck....

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    The Official 360 Squad! Sign Up Recruits!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 March 2010

    I'll jump in....

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    Final Fantasy XIII 360 PS3 Comparison

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2010

    ohshutyourmouth said: FINAL FANTASY XIII -   In an interview in Famitsu, Square Enix said the audio and video in Final Fantasy XIII is compressed onto 3 DVDs in the Xbox 360 version while the PS3 version will be uncompressed and be on one 50Gb Blu-ray Disc. technical analysis by DigitalFoundry of both versions of the game revealed that the Xbox 360 version runs at 576p, as...

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    The Just Cause 2 demo

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 March 2010

    http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=d6f7de7fa44337f9d661da97fb197fdc&t=101890If you're interested, the first post in this thread lists where all the neat vehicles are in the demo (including one of the fastest cars in the game apparently)....

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    Recommend me a user friendly 3D modeling software!

    in General Discussion on 06 March 2010

    I've used Blender with some success. http://www.blender.org/...

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    Something is going down between Infinty Ward and Activision

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2010

    I also wonder, does Microsoft still get their timed exclusive DLC?...

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    Something is going down between Infinty Ward and Activision

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2010

    Quick Microsoft, buy them!!...

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    Talk to an AI that's actually intelligent

    in General Discussion on 16 February 2010

    You are a robotNo! My name is Cleverbot.A robot can have a name, but it doesn't stop it from being a robotDefine robot.You aren't naturally intelligent. You were taught how to think and created by someone who already had the abilityActually, I can ride a bike.-Sure, cleverbot, sure......

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    The Official "I'm getting FF13 for Xbox 360" thread!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 February 2010

    McClaren said: Xen said: MontanaHatchet said:Wait...why are you proud of buying a multiplatform game for a certain system? Does anyone really care? Not to be rude or anything, but that's just so pointless. Not to mention that this thread is an impending flamewar. Hell Yeah it's a flamewar! I'm pissed that this guy is a sooners fan :P As a student at...

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    What is the best gaming mouse and keyboard

    in PC Discussion on 07 February 2010

    I've had two Razer mice in my life (Copperhead and Diamondback), and they have been great. I would definitely recommend a Razer mouse. ...

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    True Achievements

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 February 2010

    AchievementIn GameGSTA Insanity Mass Effect 2 75 573 Defeated the Adephagos Tales of Vesperia 200 320 Suicide Missionary Gears of War 2 150 264 Ended Alexei's Ambitions Tales of Vesperia 150 226 Mission Accomplished Mass Effect 2 125 214 Star 69 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 90 213 Streetwise Prototype 50 199 No One Left...

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    I don't get the Mass Effect 2 symbol.

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 February 2010

    Secondary Codex - Humanity and the Systems Alliance"Systems Alliance: N7The Alliance Military Vocational Code system classifies the career path of all serving personnel. The MVC consists of one letter and one number. A soldier's MVC indicates proficiency, not rank. The letter notes career path; the number indicates level of experience, as indicated by service record, technical scores, and...

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    Anyone watching the Apple event?

    in General Discussion on 27 January 2010

    Still no Flash? Ugh....

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    Anyone watching the Apple event?

    in General Discussion on 27 January 2010

    kowenicki said:   big.... but nice... That's what she said.   But really, it does look nice and sleek....

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    Poll: What do you drink while gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 January 2010

    Grape G2. Only grape, it's the best flavor. ...

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    Big release day: Jan 26th, what will you be buying?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2010

    Mass Effect 2 and No More Heroes 2. Both look to be awesome games!...

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    SPOILERS! First 30 mins of Mass Effect 2 SPOILERS!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 January 2010

    Head and shoulders above the original. This is truly incredible!...

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    New Splinter Cell Conviction Coop-Pics. What do you think?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 January 2010

    Barozi said: disolitude said: JaggedSac said:Why would they not have co-op for pc? Split screen coop (if available for 360) certanly won't make it to PC. Also, my peeps are on 360 so I can play with strangers on PC or with freinds on 360. Makes a difference... It is Yup, which is awesome! Link for everyone -...

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