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    Why doesnt Sony charge for PSN membership?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 February 2014 by mysticwolf

    Because they charge for PS+, right?...

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    Next-Gen console games 'have a familiar feel'

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2013 by jonathanalis

    so, wii is 8th gen since 2006....

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    RE4 vs Last of Us

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 July 2013 by binary solo

    I need to play RE 4. But TLoU is a bloody great game....

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    Xbox 720 'will support Blu-ray, might not play used games' - report

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 June 2013 by Goatseye

    radishhead said:Wow I can't believe people picked me up on that quote >< I might actually have to eat a hat...

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    Next-gen FIFA to be shown tomorrow at Xbox event

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 May 2013 by dsage01

    how much time until we get to see COD Ghosts and Fifa 14?...

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    Namco on Dark Souls 2 marketing: "treating it as a massive AAA title, would be nice to attract Skyrim players"

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2013 by blkfish92

    Well, if no one enjoys the Series for what it is then too bad then. Honestly there's no point arguing, how about trying an ill fated petition?...

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    I beat up my step dad. Was I wrong in doing so? (Long read)

    in General Discussion on 10 May 2013 by Euphoria14

    Horrorfest said: We started somewhat talking today. He left me a voicemail on my aunts house phone apologizing saying he was way out of line, there is no hard feelings and he is glad I stood up for myself and when I want to talk he would like to. I actually was going to talk to him today but I got put in a bad mood from some really annoying school work (exam was supposed to be on one...

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    Name just one thing that America and the E.U could cut to start getting back on track financially

    in Politics Discussion on 02 November 2012 by Kasz216

    theprof00 said:Actually subsidies for corn ethanol are a step in the right direction. Before, they used to just burn the corn fields, now they only get a subsidy if its used for something. If you remove only the corn for ethanol, you might as well remove all farm subsidy because theyll just go back to burning it again. Or they'll just.... sell it. There is zero reason to burn corn...

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    EU wins Nobel peace Prize. No... seriously, they did!

    in Politics Discussion on 14 October 2012 by SamuelRSmith

    Kasz216 said: Incidentally it's also worth noting that as far as banking regulations and derivatives regulations go... Europe's laws are actually more permissable in general then the US at the time of the GFC. Most of europe actually had it's own real estate that burst along with the US bubble.  Without the US bubble bursting... the Europeon one would of bursted eventually on it's...

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    Adam Sessler has doubts about Wii U, thinks it could be delayed to 2013 ~ Is this guy on drugs? Pachter=Sessler

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 August 2012 by S.T.A.G.E.

    zumnupy10 said: Soundwave said: zumnupy10 said:To be honest, a spring 2013 release would not be bad. Nintendo could avoid direct competition with Halo 4 and the new PS3 model. Also It would give more time for developers to finish unannounced projects for Wii U. They might as well just can the product if they're going to do that and go back to the drawing...

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    Sony stock 24 year low. "No turnaround in sight".

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2012 by NintendoPie

    Gilgamesh said: Wait 24 year low? Back in May Sony was at a 30 year low, in two months they gained 6 years back! They'll be in the green in no time! What Kowen said. And besides; that would be almost impossible....

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    Is Microsoft in Trouble in the Coming Years?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2012 by Soundwave

    Like it or not, the XBox 360 is pretty much the defacto "hardcore" platform now. All the big third party hardcore games like Call of Duty and Madden NFL and Skyrim all sell the best on the 360. And it still is getting some games the PS3 is not, like Witcher 2. On top of that both Halo and Gears of War are bigger than any hardcore franchise either Sony or Nintendo have. They just released a...

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    Highest amount of playthroughs YOU have ever done?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2012 by Burning Typhoon

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles... on the Genesis... No clue how many times. Boogerman (Sega Genesis) Jumping Flash! 2 Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 I honestly couldn't tell you how many times for any of those games... But, after the PS3 re-release of MvC2, I have not once beat the AI.... It'll be pretty hard to, considering I only play Training, and online unranked battles....

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    Internet Activity to Be "Monitored" Under New UK Laws

    in General Discussion on 05 April 2012 by Kasz216

    highwaystar101 said: Kasz216 said: highwaystar101 said: Kantor said: How nice it must be to have news show hosts who actually have opinions. We should try that in Britain. The closest we get to an interesting news presenter is Jeremy Paxman, and it's part of his job to be completely impartial in everything. But when that happens it's no longer news - the...

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    So Jim Sterling reviews Kid Icarus

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2012 by NintendoPie

    thetonestarr said: I have inarguably one of the best GameStops in the nation (US - and I can fairly say that, too, because I've been to probably upwards of 20 different stores all over the country) and possibly even in the world. Five of the employees - including two assistant managers - have 3DS's, and the general manager has been dancing on the edge of buying one for a couple months...

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    Jim Sterling: Art games are lazy, boring, ordinary

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2012 by sethnintendo

    RolStoppable said:Art games have their purpose. They remind people how great REAL games are. I thought that was Free to Play games purpose....

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    With sales of Paper at High Levels, is the iPad doomed?

    in General Discussion on 13 March 2012 by happydolphin

    ^I'm so hyped for E3...

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    Silent Hill: Downpour - IGN review...the score is...

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2012 by pezus

    PullusPardus said: Looks like Konami didn't bribe the shit out of IGN like EA did, 5.5 PresentationThe story in Silent Hill Downpour Mass Effect 3 isn’t half bad, and watching Murphy’s The Prothen's past unfold is one of the more compelling elements in the game, but the half-baked inclusion of choice options feels tacked on. 4.0 GraphicsSome Most cool...

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    How much is a human worth?

    in General Discussion on 12 March 2012 by The Fury

    IIIIITHE1IIIII said: The Fury said:Human's have a soul, this is the priceless part, even if you don't believe in said entity. The human life and existence is priceless. Human life is fragile and can be lost by the smallest of things. What you described as potentially becoming more valuable is AI recreating life and a soul, or synthetics representing life. This is not real, it's...

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    History: "Dark Ages" is a bad term to label the era of 476-1000AD.

    in General Discussion on 10 March 2012 by DanneSandin

    hatmoza said:They better come up with new era/age for our time. Something tells me modern age is not gonna stick around. How about the digital age/era? The computerized age/era? perhaps itll be called the silicon age due to the implants in hollywood chicks and our computer chips :D...

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