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    d21lewis Soooo Gears 5 is fantastic. A return to form for the series...so far.
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    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Soooo Gears 5 is fantastic. A return to form for the series...so far.


    on 10 September 2019

    Not that it matters to you but i wish you the best,we carry our past with us and reflect on others without realizing it, with past loves and lives we mend in the ugly habit of comparing it to everything around us and that is what stops us from progressing.Give the past a space,try to forgive the past but do not give the burden of your past to the ones you love now.

    It matters.
    Thank you.

    on 26 August 2019

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Bought a new house. Left all of my old video game magazines behind. Heaven help me if the 80s/90s come back, the internet ceases to exist, and I have to beat Castlevania 2...

    I went through 3 separate game magazine purges. EGM was the one I had the most of. 20 years of those, Lots of other mags too I kinda wish I still had them, but for the most part it was the right decision. All that left of all that is the Seanbaby stuff from EGM, which I removed with a knife and put in a folder.

    on 16 August 2019

    😲 I forgot about Seanbaby! He was hilarious back in the day. Maybe they're available online or something.

    on 16 August 2019

    He has some of his write ups on his site, but for whatever reason it's very incomplete.

    on 16 August 2019

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I merely enforce it.

    < Snesboy posted something on d21lewis's wall:

    Thanks bro, you are a true friend.

    You've always been cool with me, too.
    *Fist bump*

    on 30 June 2019

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Boy I sure do love pizza rolls. 😇

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Hello? Is anyone here? Looks like the place is deserted...


    Heh, heh. The perfect crime.

    Hey Lewis how's it.... oh... uh... sorry *slowly backs out*

    on 18 June 2019

    Hey! Don't you ever knock!?

    I mean, you don't have to. Once I get started, nothing else matters but still...

    on 18 June 2019

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Trying to do 200 sit-ups so I can look like Chris Hemsworth. Now my back hurts. I can barely stand.

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Hollow Knight is my life, now.

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Valkyria Chronicles 4 = Game of the Year

    Ahhh! Interesting. It's on my short list for "next game to play". Loved the first one, although the new game+ was op god mode.

    on 23 December 2018

    I purchased it on day one for the Switch but held off playing until recently. Instead, I totally replayed the first. A lot of reviewers said it was just a reskin of the first game but the longer you play, the more new stuff is introduced. 30+ hours in and I can't remember the last time a game made me so happy.

    on 24 December 2018

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    I may actually be a terrible human being.

    < kirby007 posted something on d21lewis's wall:

    Fuck you still twitter i quit and went with tinder

    My wife says I'm not allowed on Tinder anymore.

    on 22 November 2018

    :D fuck your wife i suppose

    on 22 November 2018

    Yeah. Fuck her! Tinder, here I come!

    on 22 November 2018

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Found my old PS1 memory cards!

    Check out @d21lewis’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/d21lewis/status/1045831066370674688?s=09

    "Me: "I seem to have found myself in a bit of a stressful situation."

    My asshole: "And on top of that, you have to take a huge shit."

    Me: "Wait. I don't have to...Oooooh."


    on 26 October 2018

    < KLAMarine posted something on d21lewis's wall:

    Big Futurama fan?

    Huge! Not as much as I used to be but there was a time when I was obsessed.

    on 19 September 2018

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Octopath Traveler is my life, now.

    And how is that life going? Still haven't picked it up...

    on 22 September 2018

    I stopped playing it a while ago. It couldn't hold my interest. Gameplay, music, and graphics were good. Story and characters let me down.

    on 23 September 2018

    Ugh. That's disappointing. But helpful! Thanks for saving me $60!

    on 23 September 2018

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on d21lewis's wall:


    Thank you, for being you.

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    Do the thing that makes you smile.

    I Do !!!!

    on 09 April 2018

    But eating gold crusted Austrian chocolate is so expensive.

    on 06 May 2018

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on d21lewis's wall:

    Oh man, this cracked me up: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=8713021

    < aikohualda posted something on d21lewis's wall:

    daddy lewis i bought the special edition xeno 2 :P

    hope i enjoy it as much as you do.... it will fill the void in between snowboarding this winter! just like how xcx did few years ago...

    You've done well, my child!

    on 05 December 2017

    < d21lewis updated his status:

    My sig hasn't updated in almost a year. All of a sudden, I play Peach Beach Splash and it's working, again. Smh...

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