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    Dear staff of Vgchartz, when will you people fix God of War III's sales numbers? It's been 2 weeks now.

    in Sales Discussion on 27 June 2012

    So I waited 2 weeks before making this thread so I don't get accused of spamming as a couple of similar threads on this subject have been made before. Come on Vgchartz, this game is proven to be massively undertracked as its sell-in number was 5.20 million as of the 30th May 2012 and Vgchartz did adjust the numbers up only then to mistakenly put them back to the pre-adjusted...

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    God of War Series Sales

    in Sony Discussion on 18 June 2012

    Yeah there was an error and Vgchartz put God of War III from 4.95 million back to the pre-adjusted numbers, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. It should now be at 4.97 million. That's a total of 5.09 million units of God of War III sold to consumers with around 110,000+ sitting on shelves, apparently. Fucking amazing sales to say the least, the genre would be long dead if it wasn't for God of War...

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    God of War Franchise Sales (GoW III crosses 5 million mark!)

    in Sony Discussion on 06 June 2012

    Jay520 said:Great sales, but I don't like saying GoW3 sold 5m until it sold 5m individually. GoW:Trilogy owners & GoW3 owners could overlap. It's unlikely, but it's possible, so it's not official. Are you serious? That is the strangest logic I've seen on Vgchartz yet. Even if all 120,000 sales from Trilogy edition overlaped with people who bought the standard edition as well...

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    Vote Now! gamrConnect Most Wanted: July 2012

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 June 2012

    1. God of War: Ascension 2. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (PS3) 3. Bioshock: Infinite (Xbox 360) 4. Gears of War: Judgement 5. Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)...

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    The Last of Us: New Trailer, New Ellie, THE GRAPHICS ARE OFF THE CHARTZ!

    in Sony Discussion on 15 May 2012

    I'll wait for some actual gameplay before I praise the games graphics, the game itself looks as generic and boring as hell tbh, another B-movie wannabe game that sacrifices gameplay for spectacle with good storytelling but an awful story to tell. Uncharted has put me off Naughty Dog completely, Crash and J&D were great now they've lost all their imagination, creativity and charm, they only strive...

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    Top Game Developer of all Time, (Irrational is the winner!!) - ....VG Chartz user's are f***ed (me included)

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2012

    1. Sony Santa Monica 2. Epic Games 3. Bioware...

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    God of War this gen sold more then all other Hack n Slash on PS3/360 combined

    in Sales Discussion on 15 January 2012

    This generation, like Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Gears of War etc., own their genres in terms of sales, God of War owns the hack n' slash genre in terms of sales and critical acclaim. I bloody love God of War, can't wait for another one! Remember the Trilogy edition contains 2 games so it's actually at 11.11m this gen at retail! Helps if you just add the Trilogy's sales to GOW3 and the...

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    Official VGC PS3 Game of the Year Voting Thread

    in Sony Discussion on 03 December 2011

    Best RPG: 1. TES V: Skyrim 2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 3. Mass Effect 2 Best Platformer: 1. LittlebigPlanet 2 2. Rayman: Origins 3. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Best First Person Shooter: 1. Bulletstorm 2. Resistance 3 3. Killzone 3 Best Action/Adventure: 1. God of War: Origins Collection 2. Batman: Arkham City 3. Infamous 2 Best Puzzle Game: 1. LIMBO 2....

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    Adjustments - Lets keep track of it all here (PS3 Up, Xbox Down)

    in Sales Discussion on 01 December 2011

    Solid-Stark said:Resistance is nearly at 4m! :D Uncharted 2 passes 5m! God of War 3 to hit 5m lifetime? O_o Amazing isn't it? A lot of people thought it would only do about 2.5m lifetime, mainly because it didn't have multiplayer and because it's on a console with a much smaller install base than the PS2 had when God of War I & II released... Now it's looking to do more than...

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    The Top Videogame Villains Elimination Game!! 30 Villains LEFT!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2011

    +Ares (God of War) -Zombies (Many Games)...

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    Uncharted 3 beta vs Gears of War 3 beta?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2011

    The Gears of War 3 beta was a lot better for me, far more fun. It was smoother, controls were tighter, far less laggy, and it was graphically significantly better looking imo, a day one purchase for sure. I've never been an Uncharted fan, and the UC3 beta hasn't done very well to change that view, guess I'll just rent/borrow the game for the SP which should at least be good....

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