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Who r u?

If you're a fan of old school NES/SNES Zelda then 3DDGH is a great pickup. Amazon usually has sales for it.

Seen this commercial? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t4M1qsdCT4

Yeah yeah I know, I got skills.

Subliminal message in your user name: "Harm Dsister". I shall execute your orders and report back to you in 3 days.

Look down, back to me, look down again, now back to me. My daughter just beat up your mother who beat up my father. This could have been avoided if you were me but you are not me. If you keep trying though maybe one day you can be just like me. Look down, now back to me. I am a post.

We all can, my friend.

what an non-original name just sayiying :P

I see I caused fear to consume you, making you change back. :)

< Acevil posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

Welcome Back!

Prime, i approve of trashing dsisters arms....I would join in but i'm not skilled in trashing limbs

< dsister posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

My gf gave me the LBP/Karate Kid bundle(Don't tell your mom :(). Pretty good so far. ^^

< dsister posted something on trasharmdsister12's wall:

Funnily you made yoru profile on my birthday. That makes it even better xD

You're stealing my strategy...

Haha yes....do you trash the arms of dsister 12?

LMAO you actually did it

alright, that made absolutely no sense. and im ok with this. can i please have a phot of my darling baby boy-man thing so i can see if he inherited my beautiful looks, or his father's horrid features?

also, what the hell? you're older than me :L

im very disappointed in you.. wait til i get my hands on your father!... um, which one of these gelatinous cretins is your father again?

Cheers, all credit goes to Cheebee though! I had no time to create it.

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