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    Funny pictures

    in General Discussion on 28 December 2016 by JEMC

    Only a couple of gifs: ...

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    What Will Happen With PlayStation 4 Next Generation?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 November 2013 by enditall727

    I guess nobody knows when the PS4 is supposed to be released?...

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    Online play to be charged on ps4?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 June 2013 by sales2099

    Jay520 said: sales2099 said: So essentially, you are covering all your bases. lol I can give you hundreds of posts from dozens of forums and you can just say "ppl change their minds all the time". lol nm. Same goes with me, in that your mind can't be changed in some things and we will use any and all fallback points to justify our stance. Do you agree that people's...

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    *Predict System Sales For 2011!*

    in Sales Discussion on 24 December 2012 by the_dengle

    Miguel_Zorro said:Necro-bumping this for the giggles. How many of us had the PS3 ahead of the Wii in 2011? It seemed unlikely when we predicted it then, just like our predictions of the PS3 eventually passing the Wii in lifetime sales seem unlikely - but it will happen. lol... sure. PS3 peaked last year. Now it'll sell, what, 11 million this year? It's on its way out. Even if it...

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    The Official Halo Lore and Universe Thread

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 November 2012 by Proclus

      The UNSC Infinity The UNSC Infinity is the largest human built starship built to date, built in 2553-2556 and commisioned in 2557 it clocks in at approximately 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles) from bow to stern, it's built using as much Covenant and Forerunner technology humanity could salvage, it's crew complement is approximately 17,000 which consists of approxiamately 9000 Navy personal,...

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    Sony stock 24 year low. "No turnaround in sight".

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2012 by NintendoPie

    Gilgamesh said: Wait 24 year low? Back in May Sony was at a 30 year low, in two months they gained 6 years back! They'll be in the green in no time! What Kowen said. And besides; that would be almost impossible....

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    New stats show Mobile gaming is slaughtering handheld consoles!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2011 by Roma

    i have a better idea. lets put all consoles and handholds that have been on the market until now and compare! this way fits my way of thinking is better therefore its the right way! Not!!! ...

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    WW UP 12th of November

    in Latest Charts on 06 December 2011 by Gojimaster


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    Game franchise with potential that isn't taken advantage of

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 November 2011 by d21lewis

    Spider-Man. Got off to such a good start on the PS1 and Dreamcast. Then......meh....

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    IGN: Why PlayStation 3 Will Outsell Xbox 360

    in Sales Discussion on 21 November 2011 by sales2099

    kain_kusanagi said: sales2099 said: Reasonable said: sales2099 said: Reasonable said: Train wreck said: sales2099 said: Reasonable said: sales2099 said:Its Japan and Japan alone. Without it Sony would have never caught up. It's US and US alone.  Without it MS would never have taken the lead... See, this kind of...

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    New Consoles - When do you think they'll arrive?

    in Sales Discussion on 21 November 2011 by fedfed

    Wii U 2012 PS4 and XB720 announced in 2012 for 2013. PS4 a month earlier than XB 720. something like October-November...

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    First Platinum Trophy

    in Sony Discussion on 20 November 2011 by jadakiss1217

    Uncharted:Drake's Fortune was my first platinum trophy Hardest game to platinum I would say is GTA 4...

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    Vita case so awesome, Sony made a video on it for almost 8 mins

    in Sony Discussion on 18 November 2011 by goforgold

    Jesus fucking Christ Nintendo that damn wii-u couldn't come any sooner???...

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    Harper threatens Obama, either stick with your tade agreements or lose em!

    in Politics Discussion on 17 November 2011 by goforgold


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    Kazunori Yamauchi (GT5) Interview at SEMA 2011

    in Sony Discussion on 17 November 2011 by crissindahouse

    i have a question but don't take the questions serious: how can it be the "real driving simulator" when the producer himself says that he loves the jaguar most in the game and it's much easier to drive than in reality because of this and that? this ain't real! lol @goforgold your signature is sick is their a program to do this with self-made pictures? i know it's a gif but i would like to do...

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    Reggie comments on new consoles, criticizes Move/Kinect for lack of games.

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2011 by oniyide

    Metallicube said: As many of you might know, it's not like me to side with MS/Sony over Nintendo, especially when it's the Regginator, but exactly how many Wii Motion plus games are there? Hell, how many Wii games are there that even use the DEFAULT Wii controller features decently? Sounds like he's being a little hypocritical.. THIS...

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    The worst way to die ever?

    in General Discussion on 15 November 2011 by Porcupine_I

    PureDante said: hatmoza said: For everyone saying "buried alive" ... You just aren't cool enough to survive it. I was shaking during the entire time that was happening in the theatre lol, and then again at home on DVD. Anywho, random horrible way would be to be dragged by a horse, and the ground is a pool of lava.  that poor horse :-(...

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    What happened to modern warfare 3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 November 2011 by h2o1977

    its the same game engine with new maps, weapons and story mode....... online multiplayer is what sells it.........

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    Console exclusive games which should get a PC port, and why...

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 November 2011 by Dr.Grass

    Snesboy said: disolitude said: After finishing the very awesome Sonic Generations on the PC I figured to ask which other console-minded games you guys think should get a PC port and for what reasons. My list would be: Alan Wake: It was absolutely clear that 360 was holding that game back visually quite a bit. Also not many PC games like Alan Wake are available. Alan Wake on 3...

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    Gran Turismo 6 Confirmed

    in Sony Discussion on 13 November 2011 by Michael-5

    thismeintiel said: Michael-5 said: thismeintiel said: The point is that, in your eyes, it is the better sim.  However, many more people see GT as the better sim when compared to Forza, and sales show this.  It doesn't necessarily mean that a game that sells less than it is of poor quality, just more people feel GT is of better quality.  As far as brand goes,...

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